LDPCSD March 20, 2017 Meeting #5 k

#5. Still have a bad feeling about this one. I forgot….does Kampa actually agree to continue the information process for Wes Barton? I recall Syndie said she was instructed by GM to furnish it, but what about next month? The month after? I recall Syndie said it was her understanding that it would continue but then “handed” the question to Kampa – but did he agree to continue the process? Again, hope I am wrong. And then there was my dumb ass “asked and answered” question of the year….. Why would the GM/BOARD TREASURER restrict or cut off the only reliable source for customers to obtain accurate financial information regarding their CSD? Duh……good grief. Anyone care to take a wild guess at that one?  lol.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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