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Sorry, but page six of the agenda packet (the second PDF file above) is almost a waste of effort as it is very difficult to read. Always has been. Imagine that, one of the most important pieces of information most customers would want to know….. how much water are we paying for that is lost? Has been for decades…..difficult to read.

The old OUTSIDE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT PLACE OF USE REPORT used for 16 years (until Pete Kampa was summoned back to the LDPCSD in 2014 to finish the LAFCO PROPERTY ANNEXATION and land development work he set up 20 years earlier when employed here) was perfectly legible and contained far more relevant information which customers could use in forming legitimate questions for the Board of Directors. Gosh, it’s almost like the BOD doesn’t want customer involvement with their own local public agency. lol

Two fold problem regarding this water loss you know. 1) Lost raw water (water that has not been treated and ready for distribution to customers – like from between Lake McClure and the treatment plant), and 2) treated water loss – the more expensive final product ready for your tap that is stored in tanks and piped to your property. Both of these loss percentages have been very high for many years and suspiciously manipulated and outright concealed from the public as well.

Why? (1) Because it is extremely bad news for those who pay the bills (the MR WECS {Merced River Water Entitled Customers} of the water license approved subdivision) …. and, (2) certainly not a big selling point when the district would like to charge all customers $150 a month service charge before a drop of water is used with a Proposition 218 rate and fee increase.

So losses are concealed, manipulated and down played for more important work – how to squeeze more money out of the already victimized MR WECS for the needed repairs and replacements?

Notice all the ground water well failures and expenses?

So even now, with this new “Water Distribution System” report …..

(which is designed to intentionally misrepresent the “FULL PICTURE OF RELEVANT INFORMATION” customers were previously furnished before “PETE KAMPA AND HIS YES NODDING, DO NOTHING BOARD OF DEFECTORS” reconfigured our surface water treatment plant into a GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION FACILITY for LAFCO PROPERTY ANNEXATIONS into the LDPCSD that could not legally receive Merced River water due to water license restrictions. Water restrictions that were known and in effect long before these annexations were approved by the same LAFCOs that formed the LDPCSD. Imagine, a LAFCO 1987 detailed report on SOI (Sphere of Influence – essentially where district might serve water in the future) yet NOT ONE WORD about pertinent water license restrictions on WHERE MERCED RIVER WATER COULD ACTUALLY BE FURNISHED? Peculiar and convenient wouldn’t you say?)

……..that one page out of 96 pages of the agenda packet is the by far most illegible. What a co-incidence yeah?

Yes, even if the printing were crystal clear-

(in this pathetic excuse for an adequate replacement for the traditional OUTSIDE MID POU REPORT – which good ‘ol Peter Kampa {a CSDA, California Special Districts Association long time Board director as well} and his treacherous board of defectors removed from the monthly agenda packet – — ah oh, did I already mention that? lol) –

the news is still bad.

Loss rates always have been bad since the FORMATION OF THIS FRAUD OF A CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICT! Rem? SPECIAL DISTRICT characteristics: 1) Limited service, 2) special group of people, 3) defined service area, and 4) service provided for only the costs necessary in furnishing customers.

Why decades of lost water, community turmoil, and substantially increased costs?

All circles around the LDPCSD SUBSIDIZED GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM which was created to provide a special benefit blended water service to LAFCO PROPERTY ANNEXATIONS (and other properties such as that of commercial cattle rancher and LDPCSD Board Director Emery Ross) that were added into the original CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICT (LDPCSD) [approved by the CPUC – California Public Utilities Commission] which was formed by the very same LAFCOs wanting to develop other rural drought prone areas within two foothill counties with MR WECS of the Lake Don Pedro residential subdivision to surreptitiously pay for it and increasing costs for perpetuity! What a scam!

Just like Kampa said….. the LDPCSD would continually add more properties and subdivisions to the district and just drill more $1/2 million+ groundwater wells in a drought prone, ground well unreliable area – and the thousands of legal water using customers of the subdivision could pay for the whole shebang! Don’t like it? Move.

Absolutely devious.

My best to you and yours, Lew

PS: Still don’t know why the LDPCSD refuses to furnish the 1993 MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT shape file map PETER KAMPA and HIS BOARD OF DEFECTORS wrongfully used for five years in their pursuit of this subsidized groundwater substitution program for OUTSIDE POU PROPERTIES Kampa set up 20 years ago through LAFCOs before resigning the first time when he was caught acting outside the Board of Directors knowledge and direction. It’s a done deal. Why continue to conceal this crucial piece of evidence?

I’m starting to wonder if it actually ever existed or did Kampa/KOMPANY manufacture the map himself (when the LDPCSD still had the GIS map generating capability) and then simply attributed/identified it as a Merced Irrigation District map? Kind of like how Mariposa County LAFCO uses LDPCSD maps like their own. These incorrect/fabricated maps were passed back and forth so many times and to so many different entities through the years most don’t know the true boundaries – even in government!

Look how Kampa, his board, cohorts in state government, and others, were attempting to replace the authentic 1978 MIDPOU map on file with the State Water Board with Kampa’s fabricated digitized map that greatly expanded those POU boundaries. Kampa said the state required a digitized map so the LDPCSD BOD gave Kampa tens of thousands of dollars to fabricate an incorrect digitized map as evidence of MID’s expanding POU boundaries in 1993. Outrageous!

How can customers possibly vote on anything to do with this district when living in an area where public information is consistently withheld from the public without explanation?

Oh yeah, all Mariposa County LAFCO ANNEXATION records are still unavailable through the county website also. Strange huh?

Too bad such concealment couldn’t be due to some State or Federal Grand Jury investigation of this “nightmare of public service” from the perspective of an organized criminal conspiracy spanning decades violating State and Federal Law while simultaneously defrauding and financially victimizing thousands of innocent property owners in the LDP subdivision who just also happen to be mandatory customers of the LDPCSD.

The LDPCSD (a California Special District) was apparently created by LAFCOs, for LAFCOs, utilizing thousands of mandatory customers of the subdivision to perpetually fund the scam. Where’s the accountability?

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