Well this certainly was an interesting, although labor intensive, little experiment.  When I discovered Mariposa County Planning in April of 1985 had originally suggested a “ZERO SPHERE OF INFLUENCE” for the LDPCSD [ie, the District should not expand water service beyond the approved PLACE OF USE UNDER THE WATER LICENSE] I was curious as to how such a lucid and reasonable suggestion for our predicament had been abandoned, so I just kept reading forward in the timeline.

Jotting notes down by hand or typing them into an open word file was cumbersome but I did not want to just summarize in my own words so I decided a “COPY & PASTE” approach might be more convenient and would maintain the authenticity of WHAT REMAINS OF THIS DISTRICT ANNEXATION HISTORY.  Ended up with a 36 page word document full of  annexation “Minute Snippets” from April 1985 to December 1989.  The only problem was when I tried to insert this word document into a blog post my computer refused to cooperate with the format.  Wonderful!  What next?   The good news was the document would at least print – so TO THE INK AND PAPER!!!   After printing I scanned them into the computer to be inserted like any other JPG image.  (Who would have ever thought I would be talking like this?  lol)

You know, it doesn’t matter what the particular issue is or even to what degree innocent taxpayers are victimized,when you start researching how such OUTRAGEOUSLY UNETHICAL ACTIVITY WAS PERMITTED TO CONTINUE, you will discover there were indeed those who recognized it for what it was at the time and spoke up that it was wrong.  Unfortunately, those attempting to “do the right thing” were swimming against a very strong current of greed and focused desire to obtain something that was not theirs.  Honest and sincere efforts to follow the rules were ignored in favor of big money, special interest corruption and continued deliberate violation of established protective regulations….

…regulations specifically designed to prevent the foreseeable harm

this district has suffered for decades.

ANYWAY, that initial proposed ZERO SPHERE OF INFLUENCE was, not surprisingly, met with strong opposition by the numerous property owners and speculative land developers outside the permitted PLACE OF USE who wanted and demanded the subdivision’s water for their varied purposes.


Is every day for subdivision entitled MERCED RIVER WATER customers who continue to pay for this fraud.


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