Absolutely unbelievable the disinformation and censorship so frigg’n obvious in the “lame stream media”. I get so frustrated with the constant emotional and illogical rants by these pretend news reporters – I seriously doubt they could be as ignorant as presented. Have they watched ANY of the hearings regarding the manipulation of the 2020 election? They actually seem more like actors. Like on a television sitcom (situation comedy) or old time day soap operas spanning decades – You know?,…the sort of series where a former viewer could miss a bunch of programming yet drop in for 35 minutes weeks later and be up to speed with with the gist of new information. Rather like CNN et al with their typical excuse for news, which is essentially their opinion that everything bad is Trump’s fault and their choice for a leader will make everything good. Pssst…regardless of the real serious news about Biden and his family “such lame stream” won’t report to their viewing sheeple. Of course these news sitcoms are all professionally produced and glued together with Socialist Left Democrat politics with a few excellent advertisements with general social appeal and appreciation just so viewer’s don’t accidentally see past the actor’s draped carcass of wool apparel.

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