Guess we are all “broken records” to one extent or another when passionate about someone or a particular subject, issue, cause, etc…  A friend gently reminded me once again that I often invoke examples of things younger viewers may not appreciate due to my advancing age and their lack of experience with the activities I grew up with and reference  ….ah, ok – lol.

“Broken record”… those old flat vinyl grooved analog recordings utilizing a needle to transmit the sound through the “record player” or “turn table” to the amplifier, then out through the speakers (simplistic explanation).  Old time records if not handled carefully could get scratched causing that “stereotypic” (cute play huh?) repeating “click” and scratchy sound as the needle (traveling in the spinning groove) hit the damaged surface of the record.  Sometimes if the damage was severe enough, the needle would get stuck repeating the same snippet of music over, and over, and over, and over, and over,  …..



True, Pete Kampa has also been a “broken record” on the subject of OUTSIDE POU use under WATER LICENSE 11395 for a much longer time (over 20 years) and for CLEARLY DIFFERENT MOTIVES, yet I don’t believe that is the most important distinction which defines our  adversarial- and repetitive “broken record” perspectives.

The way I see it is this – (you knew it was coming right?)   there is absolutely nothing wrong with repeating something you believe in (with heart AND mind) in a sincere attempt to influence others into appreciating your perspective and gathering necessary support for related activities.  However, if the repeated information being used is not truthful or worse yet, intentionally designed and masterfully used to misrepresent the truth to deceive others into a position of detriment or loss, well, that is not devotion or passion but simple propaganda – or repeated information designed to influence others for various nefarious purposes benefiting the one purveying the untruths, and/or the interests of those hidden behind the scenes that the “untruthful agent”  represents.

Simply put, any “deal” designed, dependent upon and sustained through untruths is likely not in the best interest of those being actively deceived.

Certainly not a rocket science sort of revelation, and as semi-recent cartoon character Homer Simpson might exclaim,


My best to you and yours, Lew



My best to  you and yours, Lew

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