Yup, did it again, uploaded the wrong version of a LAME and just noticed that bonehead move the other day while checking something else. What happened to the simulated tuba backup? Where did it go? What happened to some of the major corrections? I do this stuff so infrequently now it’s difficult to remember some of the “tricks” to not getting so confused with all the various component files – naming them would be helpful, yeah? (Remember – not a musician, so it takes me many attempts to find the right note which equates to many different files attempting to accomplish one little piece. Rather like a slot machine…. play, play, play, play …. then every once in a while a small payoff that indeed revitalizes me into trying to play some more in hopes of finding another little tidbit of acceptable “almost music”. 100 bad notes for one or two good? Poor exchange rate yeah? lol)

Anyway, this is the same tune – which is already too long and repetitive (typical) [need to figure out that chapter stuff some time] though I am excited about hopefully securing some better images of the “crickets” on the next excursion. This “Mormon Cricket Song” will likely end up being some sort of a repository for “all things Mormon Cricket related”. Imagine that….. Mormon Cricket Song Revision r073?

Sometimes I believe there is a big difference between mpg v M2TS, other times not so much so I’m going to compare them here side by side under the same circumstances. Yes, I know, probably a waste of time anyway …..

Different places – different formats
But it certainly doesn’t matter
Only a dinosaur’s DIM LAME perspective
And particular format won’t make it better – lol

……but I’m curious

BELOW: mpg


My best to you and yours, Lew

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