Taking a break from the 100+ degree days lately (HA! just woke to rain this morning!) and wanted to present this LAME regarding the Mormon Cricket aka, Anabrus Simplex. They really are quite interesting in a creepy sort way. Funny too…. just like our “trap door spiders” here in Lake Don Pedro are incorrectly called Tarantulas, (reminded the European settlers of the Tarantulas back home when they settled here so the name stuck) so too, the Anabrus Simplex Katydids are incorrectly called Mormon Crickets. (Strange sentence/incorrect sentence?) Anyway, hope the project snags a laugh or two. Dang it! Just realized I left some stuff out…. (rather concealed some things….yes I got confused again with all the different video and audio files, revisions and layering. (Looks like I moved a video clip to a better position and ended up covering up audio much further below the page) Oh well, probably a benefit to viewers as it was way too long already. Little mini operas right? lol later

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