Everyone has an opinion and that’s great, unfortunately not everyone with an opinion bases such on factual information. Take our LDPCSD for instance, without having researched the matter extensively & serving on the board for 4 years, I too could easily believe the DECEITFUL BULLSHIT published by the Lake Don Pedro CSD regarding water license 11395 and the legal PLACE OF USE for MERCED RIVER WATER. (FAKE DOCUMENTS INCLUDING MAPS!) Sadly, this incorrect information has been created and used by GM/Treasurer PETE KAMPA [and his Kampa Community Solutions llc; or KCS; or KAMPACS MANAGEMENT COMPANY] in an effort to further expand special benefit subsidized groundwater replacement service for LAFCO ANNEXATIONS outside the subdivision POU he set up 20 years earlier! Naturally, with the already victimized MR WECS of the subdivision paying all additional costs for this continuing water scam. shame shame shame!

PS: Please strive to resist the extreme left’s “dumbing down” of our society and common sense notions of right and wrong – that’s where it all begins!

My best to you and yours, Lew

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