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Yes indeed, three BIG beautiful 1:500,000 scale Nevada maps resting comfortably (and neatly) on hooks in a corner for easy access when researching a particular area within that state (Nevada has 17 counties). Since the maps were so large, placing them on a table top (even if I could find an available clean table – or floor space….lol) was too cumbersome and obviously risked damage to the paper media.

Solution: cutting long pieces of a redwood fence plank (sanding to avoid splinters), attaching the map to the “holder stick” with staples, and then placing the redwood holder on wall hooks. This permits easy rearrangement (which map will be “on top” for viewing) – or even a multi-map viewing opportunity with a side by side comparison.

Attaching the maps to long pieces of cut/sanded redwood sticks and hanging on wall hooks solved the viewing difficulty with such large detailed USGS maps. Mirror frame “hat hooks” provided an important clue to the realization that my “dream of a final home” was flawed.

Sometimes I will be looking at a particular map in conjunction with Google Earth images on the tablet but if curiosity arises about mineral composition (for example) I can simply rearrange the map order on the hooks by bringing the geologic map forward for viewing (below). The system will work for any map, of any state.

The geologic map is extremely interesting but also required bringing out some of my old college geography and geology text books just to understand what information was being conveyed. (Pretty technical descriptions but very interesting.)


Although my Father’s military service required many relocations within, and outside the United States while growing up as a “military dependent” , I apparently got the whole meaning of “home” wrong and replaced it with a whimsical quality of my own, that being finality. Seems all those years of dreaming of a “final home” where I would never have to move again and learn yet another foreign environment along with the customs of the people living there, was a fallacy of logic and likely a financially unsustainable one in this ANYTHING GOES, FREE FOR ALL, over regulated and taxed current state of Califusion. Stuff happens, yeah?

Yup, the actual truth of the matter had bombarded me for decades while packing and unpacking from place to place…..wishing, even praying, that the repetitious cycle of moving and endless flow of “goodbyes and nice to meet you” introductions would eventually cease, yet I was oblivious to the reality, totally missed the undeniable truth of the matter –

home is where you hang your hat –

and that can be anywhere, for any length of time, and at any age.

Well, the weeds are conspiring again – must get outside and battle against their goal of total domination. Hope you all have a great weekend.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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