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I was putting away groceries listening to OAN (ONE AMERICA NEWS) when I decided one less orange frosted cupcake in the pantry wasn’t really a big deal, of course the cardboard box testified differently appearing as though a frenzied Racoon had opened it when I failed to successfully use the little pull tab. “Big deal, who’s going to see this?” I chuckled to myself while straining to see who was being interviewed on the news.

Thought I had heard some female voice refusing to discuss her prior encouragement of others to kill Americans here in the United States on holidays with motor vehicles – you know, running them down and spreading blood everywhere. Turns out it is a young Muslim woman who gave up her citizenship when going overseas to become an “ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) Bride”. She evidently burned her passport in renunciation of American Citizenship and everything.

Of course you can imagine my opinion on this one yeah? ….. have a nice life where ever you go! – but not here in the States! Certainly don’t wish you any harm like you did us. Hope you live a nice long life and plenty of children to sacrifice for your cause or drain the welfare system of some other country more politically suited to your treacherous behavior.

OK, that was pretty harsh. There might be, MIGHT BE, one other possible alternative, (with a number of other conditions) …. Essentially, solitary confinement behind bars for one 365 day year writing letters of condolence and apology to every family who lost a loved one in ANY MIDDLE EASTERN WAR, CONFLICT, MISUNDERSTANDING, whatever.

OOPS! Almost forgot another big part of her “return deal” sentence. True it is a 365 day year, but it is multiplied by fifty (50) for each Star on Our Flag representing all the citizens from each of the states she betrayed. We can discuss the other details if her lawsuit continues in an attempt to force OUR COUNTRY to accept such a traitor. (Frankly, those who believe she should return, should probably join her! lol) Oh, and one other little detail, we’ll need that original passport for identification. Sorry, no substitutions. lol

Anyway, when I finally got a good view of the television I could not believe what I thought I saw….. I’m not kidding! Seriously, for a split second I honestly thought they were interviewing ….. oops, almost ruined it, yeah?


Smiles about advocacy in killing Americans?

Running them down with trucks and cars?

Can’t discuss matter on attorney’s advice?

Thought it was new Representative Ilhan Omar!

Progressive Socialist Left Activists

Think such leadership great

And continue their evil with fatal mistake –

A dead wrong belief Patriots too late.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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