Of course I can always go back at a later time and add the music, but that’s probably not going to happen as that “someday go back to list” seems to keep growing as new ideas emerge. It’s all quite weird actually and I still don’t understand what is happening except for the fact these “traitors” have hit a nerve of recognition – they intentionally violated the law, and that harms our entire system of Justice and Law – even in the current STATE OF CALIFUSION.

The LDPCSD BOD had a sacred public trust that they would obey the law but they intentionally violated it in the name of private Special Interest catering with public funds.

They were NEVER PART of any ethical or legal solution to “save the community from drought”, rather, they only used the drought as camouflage for the underhanded “bait and switch” groundwater wells for a subsidized water service to the LAFCO ANNEXATIONS Kampa set up in the mid 1990s as a rogue employee. Our board of directors did however, successfully illustrate another example of grassroots, local corruption in the FAKE PUBLIC SERVICE ARENA. They served only their own interests.

Let’s see…..really like the new keyboard. Feels “good” to the fingertips and I like the clear crisp sound. Naturally the lighting is quite helpful also at night. Although it was recommended for typing purposes it is also a “game keyboard” so has lots of cool built in formats for game navigation – using lighting assistance. (Apparently the navigation keys differ a bit between popular games and the keyboard can be set up to “highlight” with color only those particular keys. Something I will likely never use, but once again, NEVER SAY NEVER! For instance, if someone had told me years ago that I would be sending a portion of my limited funds to a billionaire “out of the blue President” I would have probably suggested their chronic use of hallucinogens could be extremely dangerous for a healthy functioning brain. lol Who knows? Maybe someone will come up with a cool anti Democrat Progressive Socialist Left Game? Hey, I’ll be ready with my programed navigation keys with assorted background colors! lol)

Anyway, figured I’d save a lot of time (Oak tress are leafing out, things are in bloom and I can hear the weeds growing and giggling out there right now!) and just post the lyrics (I wonder, are they lyrics before the music has been completed, or just intended lyrics? A poem? Doesn’t matter I guess unless I finish the darn thing! right?) Anyway, as is so typical with my blah, blah, blah…..repetition thing — you know? Like a broken record? lol – as long as you are going to have to imagine the missing music to the below whatever, ….would you mind doing me a BIG FAVOR and imagine something really, really good that YOU WOULD LIKE TO LISTEN TO WHILE READING, you know, something I would not have been able to create anyway? lol (Like the commercial says ……”Look at me get things done!”)


Our citizens are loving and tolerant

Always giving and generally just cool

But the left believes they have played US

For privileged American fools?


Our understanding and compassion

Indeed all diversity acceptance

They have secretly and wrongfully weaponized

And are actively using against US


Apparently believe we’ll just accept more

Of their continuing betrayal of OUR HOME

But if shocked by the election in 2016

I look forward to their reactions to come!



OUR GREAT United States of America

Like any family we bicker and argue

When attacked patriots fight as one


The vast majority of Americans

Are gender, color, culturally blind

They mind their own business, live and let live

And expect the same treatment in kind


 But this time the Progressive Socialist Left

Have entirely left ANY reasonable rails

They set up this fight long, long ago

Time to beat ’em all back to their hell!



My best to you and yours, Lew

However, scoundrels beware! 

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