– and it was indeed “special”

Sorry so long but I just can’t keep messing with this stuff on and off, on and off, …..  I do enjoy learning and working with it but there just is NOT ENOUGH TIME!

Once I get set up and going, well, to be honest, its easier just to KEEP GOING!  lol   Seriously.  Besides I have work outdoors that I have already put off way to long. (Not like I have “staff” or can just hire a consultant or engineering firm to take care of matters I should be attending to myself.    Besides, I enjoy the work.)  Also, a longer video is easier for viewers to follow and stay on the subject without waiting for the next segment of this continuing mess.  And make no mistake, it is a terrible mess.  Our board is apparently perfectly content with being provided false information by GM/TREASURER PETER KAMPA and then happily signing off on the same while singing how hard they are working for the customers. (Ooops!  Almost lost some MtnDew on a nostril squirt to the keyboard on that one!  lol)  Working for the customers?  Good Heavens, do they ever listen to themselves?

There will always be hardcore professional cheats and their entourage of co-conspirators, supporters, beneficiaries, followers, etc.    You know, those who tolerate, enable, participate and benefit from wrongful behavior but utilize a variety of excuses and rationalizations to justify their failure to “speak up”.  They manufacture or employ ways to make their unethical behavior more palatable while projecting that false image of an honest public servant with true integrity and a conscience.  (Example:  DIRECTOR: “Hell yes I support whatever GM/Treasurer KAMPA advocates because he is a highly trained special district professional manager with twenty years experience including four years with the LDPCSD, is President of KAMPA COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS, LLC, is a CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICTS ASSOCIATION (CSDA) Board Director and recently received a CSDA TRANSPARENCY AWARD!  Why would I question his varsity VERACITY or judgement just because I didn’t think it was quite right?  Besides, I wasn’t the only one.”)

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas


My best to you and yours, Lew

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