Life is wonderful isn’t it?  I mean we are blessed and afflicted with its consequences, but all and all, a blessing.  So many aspects to our linear existence.  Coincidence is amazing for example.

Yesterday I telephoned the Merced Irrigation District to find out how to request the outside MID POU reports.  I was directed to a representative who was in a meeting and unavailable but I was able to leave a message with call back number.  I did not receive a return telephone call yesterday so I tried again this morning at 0932hrs.  Was able to get through and explained what I was trying to obtain.  She said I could just email the request but explained a certified letter might be better as I may be contacting other agencies as well.

Finished the request and drove to the La Grange Post Office about nine miles away but timed it wrong and caught the lunch break.  Always a silver lining if you recognize them because I had the opportunity to converse with a long time La Grange local for about half an hour or so.  Very pleasant conversation.

Once the postmaster returned and opened the office the request was off.  Pretty reasonable cost – less than seven dollars with confirmed return receipt.

Here’s the request and mail receipt:


Returned home started preparation for the next slaughter of weeds but later discovered I had missed a call at 1157 from a deputy director at MID.   The message advised he would be able to speak with me between meetings but the time had already passed.   Resumed the attack on unwanted vegetation with the sprayer.  I am still amazed at how much they grew in just a couple of days.   Must finish soon!

Tonight while checking emails I found an electronic agenda notice for a Special  LDPCSD Meeting of the Board of Directors, Tuesday February 16, 2016 1:00p.m.  (Incidentally, a big thank you to the folks that passed along the information just in case I had not received the news. I knew others cared about their district!)

Can the rest of you[1] guess what is on this SPECIAL MEETING AGENDA?     That’s right!

AGENDA ITEM 6 c.  “Approval of a Resolution rescinding previous Resolution 2013-4, a Resolution that prohibited the commitment of water supplies to properties with LDPCSD water service available, but located outside of the boundaries of Merced Irrigation District’s Lake McClure water supply Place of Use.”

This may well turn out to be a very interesting ride for the next few years.  Extremely expensive backup ground wells created with grant funds for a disadvantaged community water system?  Those wells intended for existing, (and future subdivision availability paying[2]), customers in the event of continued or new drought emergency in the future?    GM and Board to now abandoned the Resolution previously supported by our GM, District Engineers and legal counsel that restricted service only to those entitled under the water license?   Wow.

My best to you and yours, Lew

[1] Who haven’t requested FREE electronic notification and delivery of Agendas, Minutes, Board Packets, etc from the LDPCSD.

[2] Just think, over half the subdivision absentee owners who pay availability fees for future water service they are entitled cannot vote in CSD elections, yet many property owners outside the legal service area under the water license can and do.

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