PRACTICE MAKES ….. {well, maybe} ….. “ACCEPTABLE” – lol (This video stuff is frustrating!)

I had a great deal of difficulty working with those recent video clips since I haven’t used the program much lately (Unfortunately it appears as though I’m one of those people who can’t take a break without having to be retrained! lol)

Anyway, I was trying to figure out how I was previously able to work with the program more efficiently and ended up creating another video about something I believe to be EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. (Kind of a “re-do” actually)

The Barge Expense which Kampa seemed to conceal from everyone and his MAPPING PROJECT which I do not trust for a nanosecond.

Seems to me he evaded the issue of WHERE THE INFORMATION FOR HIS OVER $10,000 MAP PROJECT WAS GOING TO BE RECEIVED – but I believe I already know.

When on the board I had the opportunity to see the many, many maps and overlays the district had produced which raised a number of serious questions about our legal service boundary and continuing efforts to expand service outside the MID POU. I guess what is most frustrating about this situation is the simple fact most people with even a rudimentary understanding of maps would also likely see these discrepancies, or violations, if you will.

The maps of real importance?

The one approved by the respective counties at district formation (the 1980 metes and bounds survey);

the Merced Irrigation District Place of Use map per water license 11395;

the map the State Water Board has had on file since formation as the official service area, and of course,

what the California Public Utilities Commission approved when transferring Sierra Highlands Water Company facilities and assets to the newly formed LDPCSD.

All have been posted on with the exception of the most important one that has been missing for many years –

the LAFCo approved service area map which the district has seemed extremely reluctant to produce — and I think we all know why.

Heck, even the official CPUC transfer approval document was wrongfully changed (in-house apparently) to permit service in areas the CPUC did not authorize. Decades of fraud and abuse for the owners of property in the Lake Don Pedro Owners’ Association subdivision who are mandatory customers of the Lake Don Pedro CSD which, in my mind, appears to be nothing more than decades of institutionalized fraud without escape – unless you care to sell your home and property……likely at a loss. All due to special interest corruption of a local public agency. Very, very sad and WRONG!


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