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Over a decade of MARIPOSA COUNTY LAFCO ANNEXATION FILES missing from their website?

Sheriff/District Attorney/Grand Jury etc, unable/unwilling to investigate and make corrections?

California Attorney General and his Department of Justice suggest contacting local and state law enforcement and various state and federal political officials for assistance or perhaps hiring private legal counsel — IF you can even find adequate representation that does not have a “conflict of interest issue” with any one of the many extremely powerful  players (or KAMPA supporting organizations such as the CSDA) in this Lake Don Pedro water right scam spanning decades.

Court?  As in risking your own future financial security to pursue complaints of local public agency corruption in a Superior Court?  That’s what the DOJ is supposed to do.

Look what happened to prior Lake Don Pedro victim residents Jim and Marion Dean before they left this realm of existence after losing close to 1/2 a million dollars for simply attempting to get the County of Mariposa to obey its own frigg’n land development regulations and STATE RESPONSIBILITY AREA 1991 FIRE SAFE MINIMUM ROADWAY STANDARDS IN A DESIGNATED HIGH FIRE SEVERITY ZONE 12 YEARS AFTER THEY WERE PASSED BY THE LEGISLATURE!

Think about that!   1/2 million dollars of private retirement funds lost in simply trying to get the County of Mariposa to follow land development regulations it set up for public safety and the good of the county!

Then later – recognizing the many failures and liabilities PERMITTED TO CONTINUE FIRE WISE, DESPITE CLEAR ENFORCEABLE LAW TO THE CONTRARY, the state decides to charge a “Fire Fee” to all regular citizen property owners within the SRA for more revenue AND WAS ABLE TO KEEP THE MONEY after it was determined to be essentially an illegal TAX!    So much for record keeping and filing protests for those years….the state still kept MY MONEY yet permitted a land developer to intentionally violate 12 year old state regulations regarding minimum roadway standards in a residential high fire severity zone by constructing substandard roads to serve multiple proposed residences, one even violated six separated state public safety regulations specifically designed to protect life and property!  What have we all witnessed year after year after year after year?     The senseless loss of life and property due to wild fire and the failure to abide by public safety fire regulations in land developments.  Lake Don Pedro was fine for decades until that “late on the scene” land developer from the Bay Area constructed many of these “developer convenience roads” to reach traditionally difficult to develop properties within this CALIFORNIA SUBDIVISION MAP ACT APPROVED SUBDIVISION to cut expenses for traditional individual driveways.  That geriatric couple, my friends, each died (within a couple of weeks of each other) with an incredible added stress due to fighting a righteous and legally grounded public safety cause yet losing in Mariposa County Superior Court because of the private special interests that can so often be easily and quietly elevated above common sense law.  A COMMON SENSE LAW that increasingly appears to only apply, and be enforced against, powerless citizens through, and by, an out of control special interest local government with no accountability to anyone or anything.   (What is it “they say”?   Accountable to the public they represent and serve?   lol)

Repeated failure to respond to written requests for lawful public information?

A semi-secret meeting between LAFCO and LDPCSD officials in 2014 that dramatically changed the LDPCSD operating water service boundary to permit a previously proposed 900 acre residential subdivision across the street from the LDPCSD Administration Office – without providing requested evidence that such annexation was properly performed back in 1995 -even though that annexation was then evidently actively kept a secret from the public for over 20 years until shortly before Pete Kampa was unethically returned to the LDPCSD as GM/TREASURER and tasked with providing an “alternate source water” for a massive groundwater substitution program to serve many LAFCO ANNEXED PROPERTY DEVELOPMENTS outside the water license Place of Use for Merced River water – and utilizing state and federal grant funds intended for existing customers during a state wide drought emergency?

Yes, a big ‘ol honk’n sentence for a big ‘ol water suck’n scam by slick special interests who always use public funds and resources for their private land development benefit, aka, GIFTS OF PUBLIC FUNDS!

(Yes, didn’t sleep well last night.)

So I decided to again attempt to find out what’s been going on up in Sacramento with the State Water Board regarding Pete Kampa’s multiple attempts at filing his FAKE POU MAP in replacement of the SWRCB OFFICIAL ONE ON FILE (so as to enlarge the PLACE OF  USE FOR MERCED RIVER WATER UNDER WL11395 and reduce the degree and severity of intentional violations he’s known about for over 20 years).

[Don’t have time right now, but a 2016 KAMPA denial played next to a 2018 acknowledgement of “potential”financial exposure of the district might make for an interesting comparison – yeah?]

Actually thought I had found the information I was looking for

yet after downloading and attempting to open the file from the SWRCB website a security alert warning advised the file is probably dangerous and may allow a malicious user to take over my computer!    YIKES!  That doesn’t sound good, eh?


Been there – done that!  My aging curiosity certainly is not worth risking compromising my computer with garbage quite costly to remove.    A government website really screwed up my laptop years ago….I was happily downloading all sorts of great information left and right when suddenly, a momentary flicker on the monitor and then …..BSOD!   (BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!)  What a horribly helpless feeling.

So, guess I’ll just continue to wait and hope for a legitimate SWRCB investigation, illumination of the truth, and some semblance of justice and accountability for the years of wasted public resources and distraction from legitimate LDPCSD business, but of course, while “WE WAIT” Kampa & Kompany (and his supporting organizations) are simultaneously continuing to misrepresent and deceive costing MR WECs more money each day with a likely corresponding reduction in the quality of entitled service.

Think I’ll limp around outside in the sunshine for a while.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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