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Perhaps this is a waste of time in some respects, I mean presenting what Kampa and his board are actually discussing and approving during these meetings, but then again there has been some positive movement towards illuminating on the state level what these local “leaders” and their “remote GM/Treasurer” have been doing for years.   Such acknowledgement has been an extremely difficult proposition and likely in many respects partially due to the powerful influence of the CSDA (California Special District Association) and Pete Kampa’s 20 year relationship as a board director with that massive not for profit lobbying organization.

What if every CSDA member organization agreed it was an acceptable approach to bend the rules of established legal procedures if they believed it was in service to the public good as current California Attorney General Xavier Becerra apparently advocates?

Is that what CALIFORNIA CAD SOLUTIONS did when PETE KAMPA contracted with them to create the “FINAL ANSWER TO THE LDPCSD WL11395 Place of Use Map question”?

You know, intentionally creating an inaccurate official government document for a local public agency that will use it in an official California State Water Board investigation as DEFENSE EVIDENCE for intentional Water Right Violations spanning decades?

What could possibly encourage an otherwise (presumed) legitimate company to do such a thing?

CSDA member organizations get a CSDA Discount on such professional mapping work.

As a CSDA business member do they perceive some sort of CSDA “stamp” or “wink and nod of approval” because the map request is being made by a 20 year CSDA board director who assures all information furnished is accurate and legitimate?

(Recall NO DISTRICT FINGERPRINTS were to be on this map?  Fingerprints?  Heck, every imaginable form of KAMPA IDENTIFIABLE DNA is infused in this RIDICULOUS FAKE MAP!   lol)

What about that company’s business reputation for integrity in producing quality documents?


Or is this only one specific KAMPA & KOMPANY  exclusive family benefit?   You know, only working with those Kampa trusted and approved  individuals, companies, corporations, contractors, consultants, engineers, etc, with a track record of successfully getting things accomplished which were previously considered impossible?

Can’t you imagine a commercial for such a sideline business…..?????    lol   <fog starts obstructing vision and dream like music increases in volume……then – an upbeat personality spins the con…….>

“Have winning multi-million dollar projects held up in the glacial grind of planning, permitting and LAFCO regulations all because of a lack of required designated easements that only exist in eyeliner pencil on a Sonora bar napkin?


and permit


to transform that napkin of smudged dimensions into a financially rewarding string of successfully completed projects ALL WITH THE ADDED BENEFIT  of a complimentary CSDA discount with any purchase of one of our fine FAKE MAPS!”


My best to you and yours, Lew

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