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I should know better by now…..I can not race through these meeting reports.  Yesterday I was arranging and “producing” clips while simultaneously uploading a clip to YOUTUBE (that’s what really takes the time).  So while uploading to YOUTUBE I was working on other clips getting them ready for uploading once the  current upload finished.  (make sense?)  Anyway, ended up accidentally producing and uploading Part 3 twice!  Just noticed it this morning.  DARN IT!

Now backtracking and trying to locate a new start position. Yup, too old and tired for this stuff.

Anyway, I can not change those meeting presentations already uploaded to YOUTUBE and displayed – so ignore the part identifier on the clip.  (it will jump from 2 to 4 because I had to remove the incorrect #3 and change #4 to #3).   Geez. Starting to sound like a typical  Pete Kampa presentation!   LOL!   Certainly wasted another weekend again.  Oh well, I still believe the time is well spent because I cannot simply sit back and watch the continuing misrepresentation of what KAMPA & KOMPANY have been doing for years – intentional acts – not accidents or misunderstandings.

OK – back to the clean up!


Seems everyone gets some “special benefit” water service from the LDPCSD except for the MR WECs who is saddled with, and primarily pays, the escalating bills because they are property owners within the LAKE DON PEDRO OWNERS ASSOCIATION subdivision!  Where is the LDPOA legal assistance to defend and protect the water rights of every property within the subdivision that is dependent upon the LDPCSD for their ENTITLED MERCED RIVER WATER SERVICE?

Yup, ANYTHING VALUABLE REQUIRES PROTECTION- and quality Merced River water in a drought prone foothill area is certainly valuable.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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