Wow. Never say never. Never say you will NEVER EVER become a victim of unethical activities practiced by some individuals in positions of expected trust. Whether a government position or in the private sector. Whether a financial matter, personal issue, or some actual constraint as to how you will live your life, etc., doesn’t matter the particular variety of trust, just that there is always a potential for detrimental reliance upon others who profess to be professionals yet are unethical. We all must trust strangers to a point sometimes especially when considered a particular type of professional.

I am still holding out that there more good folks than evil doers out there in this world (figuring most are good people that we just never hear about – of course couldn’t the opposite also apply? There could be many more evil people out there that just haven’t been discovered or noticed for their negative behavior?) Yeah, I hope for the best but this last adventure sure is testing the limits of what is often considered necessary trust in other people and their professional judgement.

Yes, this is a cryptic post because the situation is evolving as I type. Not over by a long shot, likely just beginning and I do not at this time know how long or to what extent it will be occupying my time, but I do know it is a priority right now.

I am tired of “trusted people” treating ALL OF US with disrespect and a complete lack of common courtesy as if our lives, our dreams, aspirations and responsibilities are meaningless so long has those responsible for the harm or damage, turn a buck in profit. Often they assume it will never be worth the victim’s time and money to pursue some form of “justice” much less holding those responsible accountable for the mistreatment of others.

They may be right. Such efforts, even if soundly based in fact that the activity is highly unethical and damaging to that particular profession and customers it serves – still might not be a technical crime and pursuing a civil remedy could end up being extremely expensive without a guarantee of success anyway. Then it’s just good money after bad.

Once the nightmare is over (one way or another) I’ll fill in the missing pieces for you if for no other reason than to prevent the same thing from happening to another person. It is not a pleasant experience I can assure you.

Generally a pretty cautious person

Won’t risk what I can’t afford to lose

But if such a scam could happen to me,

Figure it might also happen to you!

Unethical activities by “professionals” should never go unchallenged (in some form) because it only degrades and tarnishes the true professionalism of others while simultaneously subjecting more people to the same reprehensible activity.

My best to you and yours, Lew

PS: Speaking of unethical activities and those who make a living in such SWAMPS…. some pretty unusual election ballot counting had gone on for “Good ‘ol China Joe -Hidd’n Biden” yeah? Folks, we’ve been at war with these Anti-American forces for decades but are only now discovering just how duplicitous they are. ABSOLUTE TRAITORS TO AMERICA!

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