Finally got the chainsaws started yesterday and put a dent in the proposed projects.  Hope they’ll start today.

Here are some “still frame highlights” of S3 to “bait” you into viewing more…..lol

This insignificant “nose scratch” was helpful in synchronizing the two camera recording angles.   Does any viewer recall the Seinfeld episode where Jerry was scratching his nose in a taxi and a woman he was going out with was in a vehicle next to his at a stop light and became quite upset believing Jerry was “picking his nose” in public?   Perspective is everything.  lol

(Below) You know the routine….the old “bait and switch” process.  [Or in traditional street drug terms:  “the first one is free but the rest will cost you”?]  How certain contractors will begin work under an agreed upon “bait price” yet once totally involved in our district business to the point of no return and we are essentially “hooked” on their services – SURPRISE! another more expensive reimbursement plan is suddenly unveiled and established due to “unforeseen complications”.  And the typical response?   “Golly Gosh,….we’ve gone this far with them – maybe continuing forward with the new price is better that starting from scratch with another unknown company and risking the same thing happening again?”   Wait a minute here…… come to think of it…..didn’t the same thing happen with Pete’s KAMPA COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS llc original proposal?



 OK – here’s the S3 video installment –


My best to you and yours, Lew

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