Probably no sense in continuing these LDPCSD meeting reports but I still hope there might be some “good folks” still interested in reading/listening to this continuing “Fake WL11395 POU Map” cover-up.

Feels like such situations just drift through time without responsibility, accountability, much less acknowledgement of intentional wrongdoing while the innocent taxpayer is further victimized with other failures and reocurances …. but then again, although the wheels of justice grind slow they do grind exceedingly fine, yeah?

Look what OUR PRESIDENT AND HIS SUPPORTERS have been dealing with since the day TRUMP announced he would DRAIN THE SWAMP! Over two years of accusations and intentional disruption of legitimate government process because the “creatures of the swamp” preferred the status quo corruption just the way it WAS! And that’s the operative word in the above sentence, “WAS”, because things are changing for the best but it takes a great deal of time and effort to overcome the LEFT OBSTRUCTIONISM AND RESISTANCE. (If they can not control something, they attempt to destroy it for others.)

Consider……FINALLY! The American public is being provided information as to how, what I term DEMOCRATUS TERMITEISIS,

(better term for the Democrat Progressive Socialist Left or using the general term “democrat”)

“projected” its own nefarious dealings onto the Trump Campaign, family, associates, etc., utilizing the highest levels of law enforcement and intelligence agencies (both within and outside the USA) to execute this criminal political plot of the century! Three years of absolute left garbage …. but their scam is being unraveled and shown to the public!


Sure seems like nothing is changing as Wes Barton pointed out during the Public Comment portion of the meeting. Directors still advertise and project what a great job they have, and are doing for the customers. This despite the fact there has been absolutely no acknowledgement or accountability for their intentional direction into violation of water right law in order to provide an extremely expensive special benefit groundwater substitution water service for LAFCO ANNEXATIONS PETER KAMPA set up twenty years ago when beginning his infamous water career here in California.

Much less how very generous and substantial grant funding from the State and Federal Government was misappropriated and used to accomplish this “bait and switch” groundwater substitution program for those not entitled to MERCED RIVER WATER under WL11395. Over 40 years those water license restrictions were known and completely ignored for “outside POU profit” by all the players involved to the legal customers continuing financial detriment.

(Great side story as to one of the mechanisms the Democrat Progressive Socialist Left, or “D.T. Machine”, has used to assist the transformation of California into what it exists as right now….a state that refuses to listen, or adhere, to voter opinion.)

Why would one of the mainstays in the “transparency of government concept” (providing requested public information from Mariposa County Planning and LAFCO) be completely shut down if everything was above board in how the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District (LDPCSD) was formed and developed as a water service provider by the LAFCOs of Tuolumne and Mariposa? Seems like a clue to me.

“Pay only for what you receive and use” sure sounds like a fair policy, but it certainly HAS NEVER APPLIED TO THE CUSTOMERS OF THE LAKE DON PEDRO CSD as they have paid for special interest benefits since the very beginning of the district in 1980!

Ever notice how things that sound too good to be true, are often scams, tricks, fraud, etc, specifically developed to liberate money from your control to the control of “others”. “Others” who often represent to be working for your best interests? What happens when it turns out that there has been a deception? Where are the corrective measures to prevent this from happening again, and again, and again…… Where and how does such corrupt activity stop when intentional criminal violation of law is simply ignored for the promise of doing it right at the next opportunity for criminal behavior? Why is there even another opportunity to betray the public when the public has already been betrayed numerous times in the past?

The fact this “fake WL11395 POU map scam” was developed by a CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICT ASSOCIATION (CSDA) BOARD director of almost 20 years speaks volumes as to that organization’s actual concern for customers of special districts when a character like Peter Kampa is permitted to flutter from one CSD to another shrouded in new examples of suspicious activity. (ie, Kampa and the unfair Nestles bottling contract up in McCloud CSD after he left LDPCSD in the 1990s – only to later return in 2014 to complete the criminal conspiracy at the LDPCSD using grant funds.)

Having been duped by a professional cheat is nothing to be ashamed of, unless of course, the loss was the result of attempting to obtain something of value through other than honest motivations. Take the classic “watch swindle fraud”. The crook represents an emergency situation is forcing the immediate sale of an extremely expensive solid gold watch just for minimal cash to get home…(or otherwise escape or resolve some emergency). See the “larceny of the heart” by the “victim fake watch buyer”? How can one complain that the watch is really an inexpensive “knock-off” not worth close to the $100 the buyer bought the alleged $1,500+ solid gold watch? That’s where the old expression: “Can’t cheat an honest man (person)” is derived from,….an honest person would not believe they were receiving something worth $1,500+ for $100 in an alley outside a casino at 0300hrs in the morning. Sound familiar?



This was a repeated statement despite the fact low lake levels are part of the normal cycle at Lake McClure as it is dependent upon a snow melt watershed in Yosemite National Park. Consider also the amount of time the LDPCSD intentionally refused to pump from the lake when it could have in combination with using those grant funded wells for known “compliance failures” with the water license Place of Use restrictions which had continued for decades unchecked.

Heck, just trying to cover up the illegal connections Pete Kampa was personally aware of would have been enough reason to quickly develop an alternate source of water to replace the Merced River water going to Kampa LAFCO ANNEXATIONS of the past – because don’t forget, the original Ranchito Drive ground well could not have provided the water Kampa needed for expansion purposes, which was revealed when it failed during development of other groundwater wells. (Over quarter of a million dollars spent on drilling dry and bad wells incidentally.)

The KAMPA/BOARD assertion that groundwater wells were the only solution was part of the manufactured necessity for Kampa’s groundwater wells, and the board’s subsequent activities clearly demonstrate a desire to continue, and indeed expand, a very expensive groundwater substitution program to those legally restricted from “normal water service” under WL11395. All the while forcing the MANDATORY CSD CUSTOMERS of the WATER LICENSE ENTITLED LAKE DON PEDRO SUBDIVISION to pay for such special benefit for land developers outside the POU.

However, we are lucky to have Pete Kampa who can obtain generous government grants to develop groundwater wells to assist customers during the drought.

SOUNDS GREAT, RIGHT? HOWEVER, in reality, the ground water wells were needed for compliance purposes and to develop LAFCO ANNEXATIONS outside the legal water service area of the license. No development without an alternate source of water and those who needed that expensive groundwater didn’t want to pay for it!

The “system” only works when everyone does their part. Had corrective action been taken by the Board of Directors immediately there would be no State Water Board Notice of Violation and we would not be in such dire financial straights now and looking at another PROPOSITION 218 for RATE AND FEE INCREASES…..all part of the KAMPA PLAN.

Unfortunately, our directors simply turned our public service agency over to a private management company created by a former LDPCSD disgruntled employee who had been caught in the mid 1990s operating outside the scope and performance of his assigned duties (setting up LAFCO annexations in Tuolumne and Mariposa).

Consider that. Heck! Kampa’s rogue activities in Lake Don Pedro between 1994-1997 should have been sufficient to prevent any return as GM/Treasurer, HOWEVER, as it turns out, UNDERHANDED, SNEAKY, and ILLEGAL CSD ACTIVITY was exactly what the 2014 lead directors were looking for in a Kampa appointed GM/Treasurer – and they certainly received such. (Maybe they thought employment records had been destroyed sufficiently in the February 27th, 2012 arson of the administration building to prevent Kampa’s past employment activities from ever being known or raised by the public in objection to his re-hiring?)

Yup, there is a huge SWAMP full of professionally functioning cheats and liars out there in the real world. Washington DC has no corner on that disturbing market.

It is absolutely amazing to me (while simultaneously reassuring) that President Donald Trump (and administration) has been able to achieve such positive improvement and COMMON SENSE DIRECTION FOR THIS NATION while under relentless and wrongful attacks by the democrat left which is laser focused on the incremental destruction of OUR UNITED STATES of AMERICA and the redistribution of its wealth.

Can’t hide from the reality these people exist and will continue their underhanded activities. Heck, they are being transplanted here for just that purpose! Nope, not even 160 acres of HOA/POA free beautiful Nevada high desert can make that problem go away.

That is a job for the AMERICAN PATRIOT in the 2020 election. Every single Patriot of this country – regardless of party affiliationmust vote to NOT ONLY DRAIN THE SWAMP, but to eradicate what remains of the DEMOCRATUS TERMITEISIS infesting all areas of American government — from every county, in each and every state all the way to the federal halls and hearing rooms in Washington DC. Our Country and freedoms are at stake. (Which political party repeatedly attacks American Freedoms such as FREE SPEECH and the SECOND AMENDMENT right to bear arms? Which advocates OPEN BORDERS and uncontrolled IMMIGRATION? What party supports a governor who ignores the voters will in preference for his own personal beliefs and decrees? From what Washington DC criminal investigation did our current California Attorney General attempt escape? These and many, many more examples are called clues my friends.)

OK ENOUGH BLAH BLAH BLAH…..onto the meeting recording…..

The original written report started out like this……

May 20th, 2019, LDPCSD Board of Directors Meeting 1PM, Quorum/Staff Director Warren absent at this time.  Pledge. 

Public Comment:  Solar contractor soliciting, Southern CA, plant advocate, tax benefits, interest rates less, seven different proposals, submitted two explained benefits.

Wes Barton: Disappointed when he picked up packet, thought things might be different, but doesn’t appear as such.  Housing development quite slow need to get the CSD back down to operational level required for this area.  Manager must be an operational GM, not administrative/manager as we’ve done for several years.  Bring the CSD back down to earth because we appear to be heading in the same direction.

Victor Afanasiev questioned about the fire hydrant situation and flushing, President Danny Johnson said the CSD was only legally required to flush for water treatment quality.  (Flushing to confirm fire safety readiness is not a CSD concern despite having been so in the past since located in a high fire severity zone.)

GM Pete Kampa: One good piece of information, have a signed contract (not to exceed $60,00 – w/o motor) with Twin Lakes Management regarding barge re-construction.  Expect to start after Memorial Day but before 4th of July.    Further questioning by the board revealed the contact had actually only been signed by Pete Kampa, but would be signed by the other party shortly.  

(In other words, Pete Kampa’s interpretation of what a signed contract is simply whether Kampa had signed it? Good grief. Guess he meant since MID offered the contract and Kampa signed it, it would be a done deal but I always understood a “signed contract” as being one that was legally executable on it’s face with all parties signing off on the obligations and duties imposed on each party. You know? A “meeting of the minds” as to a given activity that is documented in a signed contract.)

Heck, since I have to listen to this $3.00 recording to report on it it anyway, viewers might as well have the opportunity hear it for yourself…..I’ll just do the uploading at night while asleep! later.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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