My best to you and yours, Lew

PS, Please excuse any posting formation errors that might pop as I learn a new menu structure (like I could expertly navigate the previous one! LOL!)

Someone recently told me they really appreciated the new way and found it easier to use. OK, guess I’ll catch up eventually as I am still having difficulty finding my ass with both hands! lol

Yup, a creature of habit and once I learn something that produces satisfactory results, I stick to that procedure. There is NO DOUBT I fail to use ANY TECHNOLOGY TO ITS MAXIMUM CAPABILITIES.

I have used computers for my limited purposes for years even though not fully understanding how they work. I don’t use all the programming abilities of my CD player; or configured my telephone with all the “bells and whistles”; same with digital cameras, handy cams, audio recorders, (you already know about the guitar and keyboard! lol), etc., but somehow I squeeze out some semblance of what I’m attempting accomplish.

However, throw one little wrench in the moving gears of that machinery-like process and I am dead in the water, so to speak.

Oh dear….guess who just discovered how to background color a block? Use a different color font? Just had to find the right command….same as the guitar—several hundred wrong notes must be played to get the four or five that didn’t cause me to cringe with audio displeasure! lol

Still having trouble manipulating images (size and scale). I’m making the changes but somehow failing to incorporate the changes into the post. No biggie. I’ll probably accidentally discover how when not even trying!

OK, pretty long PS, yeah? lol

My best to you and yours, again, Lew

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