Hard to get on with my day when I read such nonsense written by Ohio Democrat politician Sherrod Brown.  Here are some of my “off  the cuff” responses (in A BOLD FACED FONT) to some of his DEMO CRAP.

Brown writes-

What are all of these workers who lost jobs because of this pandemic, what are they to do, without the $600 a week in unemployment insurance they lost, because President Trump and Leader McConnell and Republican Senators, simply in August, let it expire?

Starts out with some excellent questions but then (as is so common with these DEMS) incorrectly attributes the problem to President Trump whereas CA Rep Nancy Pelosi and her group of leftists are the ones who refused to co-operate with Republicans on a lesser amount of unemployment payment with the Democrats pushing instead for FINANCIAL BAILOUTS OF IRRESPONSIBLE AND FAILING DEMOCRAT MANAGED STATES.  [Like her nephew’s CALIFORNIA!] When Democrats don’t get what they wrongfully demand they are the ones who let INNOCENT CITIZENS SUFFER while simultaneously blaming President Trump for what they did! A typical Democrat “bait and switch” gimmick, money gets legislated and approved for a specific purpose then is wrongfully RE-ALLOCATED TO other DEMOCRAT OBJECTIVES far removed from the approved and intended use.   (Rather like state and federal grant funds provided to assist current water customers during a prolonged state emergency drought but actually utilized to develop an expensive publicly subsidized  groundwater substitution program to provide a special benefit “blended water” service to LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) annexations  [or perhaps better understood as just another abused democrat designed local government scam for their “special interests”] OUTSIDE THE 40+ year PERMITTED USE AREA FOR MERCED RIVER WATER per WATER LICENSE 11395.  Sure, intricately designed and implemented over decades – but still CLEARLY A CONTINUING CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY to violate California State water law, fraudulently operate a local public water agency to the benefit of land development interests while victimizing thousands of legal water using MANDATORY CUSTOMERS within an absolute FRAUD OF A CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICT FORMED BY THE VERY LAFCOs EXPLOITING ITS EXISTENCE AND LIMITED RESOURCES since its formation!  THE SWAMP IS EVERYWHERE!   Still wonder about any Federal implications of such criminal activity interfering with the nation’s water supply.)

These families face impossible decisions – do they drain their savings? Do they go to payday lender? Do they put their bills on credit cards? Or are they out of options, do they face eviction? All of those are horrible choices that people shouldn’t have to make.

Americans are frustrated for good reason, they’re angry for good reason. They’ve lost loved ones because of President Trump’s failure to get this pandemic under control.

Good questions and observations but once again wrongfully attributes to President Trump. Not President Trump’s fault the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) bio-logically attacked the world by intentionally failing to notify other nations of their failure to contain extremely dangerous research on bio-logical warfare experiments.  When President Trump DID RESTRICT/PROHIBIT CHINESE AIRCRAFT (full of diseased passengers by the way) from coming to America YOU DEMOCRATS VILIFIED HIM AS A RACIST!  You attacked a BRILLIANT UNPRECEDENTED MOVE ON THE PRESIDENT’S PART only because it came from President Trump.  Want answers?  Look to the Communist Chinese Government and Governors like CA’s Gavin Newsom (perhaps his auntie Nancy Pelosi too?) who work secret deals with the CCP behind the backs of even his own Democrat legislators – not to mention the California citizens who have suffered from such betrayals. 

So many public schools can’t open in-person. Parents and teachers are under an overwhelming amount of stress. School districts and families simply don’t have the resources for all the additional technology and safety precautions they need to open safely.

Our state governments, our local communities are looking at massive layoffs. Small businesses that are the lifeblood of local communities are shuttering, one after another, some of them permanently.

And for months, Leader McConnell and President Trump just refused to pass anything to help this country get through this crisis.

UNTRUE. Once again, great observations but incorrectly suggesting all a fault of President Trump and his administration. Imagine, Trump must not only deal with the ramifications of the CCP’s unethical global virus attack but also with the Anti-American activities of  your DEMOCRAT PARTY which only makes matters worse.   SEE ABOVE.

The stock market is back up, so they think everything is just fine, because President Trump, a good stock market automatically means a good economy. Nothing to do with wages. Nothing to do with employment. Nothing to do with people’s standards of living. They see no urgency.

Pull your head out of your ass! IF THE  STOCK MARKET COLLAPSES SO DOES THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  Everything you complain about would be moot without a viable country.

But now, after months of inaction, they are willing to drop everything, they’re willing to move heaven and earth to put another corporate special interest judge on the Supreme Court.

No.  Placing Constitution and Rule of Law supporting Associate Justices on the Supreme Court was part of the Trump plan from the beginning, just another example of a promise to the people that President Trump is making good on – PROMISES MADE, PROMISES KEPT.  I can appreciate the Democrat confusion as it is something they have rarely been able to accomplish. Oh sure, they can promise the Moon and Stars but traditionally only deliver squat with only another hollow promise of getting it done “next time” if only re-elected this time! Just a continuing cycle of failure – is that Trump’s fault also? lol

Leader McConnell has spent the last six months ignoring this pandemic and this economic crisis, and now he wants to pack the court –that is supposed to serve the American people and dispense fair justice – he wants to pack the court in a way that will put another corporate special interest judge on the court with another judge who always rules for corporations over workers.

NO. “Packing the court” is a stated Democrat goal (increasing the number of justices so Democrats always have an unfair advantage) President Trump, and his administration, are merely continuing to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN despite the Democrats clear movement towards Socialist and Communist philosophies concealed within their WRONGFULLY MOTIVATED DEMOCRAT INTERPRETATION OF CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES. (DemoRATS don’t want the swamp drained because that is where they live and thrive.)

So much is at stake with this nominee.

YES, I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY!  But what is at stake? A return to a COMMON SENSE GOVERNMENT free of the Communist and/or Socialist Left special  interests that have harmed this country for decades thanks to Anti-American DEMOCRATS.

The Supreme Court will hear yet another case trying to overturn the entire Affordable Care Act in just a few weeks.

The judge could do what the American people rejected over and over – he could, the judges could throw out the entire Affordable Care Act. They would take away the protections for preexisting conditions for millions of Americans in the middle of a pandemic.

WRONG AGAIN! The PEOPLE OF AMERICA never voted for Obama’s ACA – it was wrongfully forced upon them with false information, deceptions, and outright lies.  President Trump and his Administration are replacing that LOSER of a Health plan with something much better for the individual and the country.

Families’ health care is at stake.  Incorrect, unless there is continued Democrat involvement.

Americans’ ability to vote is at stake, with this court.  Wrong.   Democrats have always been the professional VOTING CHEATS!  FOR DECADES!   DEMS are against VOTER ID because of the rampant voter fraud they support and maintain.   Crap!  Look at what is being discovered right now in Minnesota and other Democrat States regarding cash for ballots/votes! 

Worker protections on the job are at stake.    Wrong.  No basis for statement – simple and unjustified fear mongering in hopes of gathering “fear motivated support” for disingenuous Democrats pushing America towards the great failure known as Socialism. (If they think it so great, why not move to such a country? Ooops! Forgot. Doesn’t exist. Maybe they should go elsewhere and get their aspirations going? lol)

The freedom to organize a union is at stake.   Wrong. See above.

The progress we have made on equality and civil rights, especially for LGBTQ equality is at stake.   Incorrect. See above.

Reforming our justice system is at stake.   Incorrect. See above.

American privacy rights in the digital age are stake.    Incorrect. See above. (Unless Democrats involved.)

Women’s freedom to make their own healthcare decisions also is at stake.  Incorrect. See above.

And with the President of the United States continuously threatening he will not accept the results of the election, I mean think of that. No president’s ever done that. Threatening he won’t accept the results of the election. Our democracy is at stake as he tries to install another Trump judge on the court.   Absolutely incorrect.  See above. I am a regular news viewer and have never heard President Trump threaten to not accept the results of a fair election, but he does caution about the known decades of Democrat registration and election fraud. Who in their right mind would agree to accept something unknown that hasn’t happened yet? This is another example of how Democrats simply play word games. Look how they “interview” republican candidates for any important position…..”Have you stopped lying yet?” LOL

The American people deserve to have their voices heard on these decisions that affect their lives. People have already started voting – they’re already- as we speak, as we listen. They’re casting ballots. These votes should count.  See above (especially voter fraud and current investigations in Minnesota and other states. Apparently this Democrat also supports the counting of invalid ballots. Remember the old Chicago election expression? “VOTE EARLY – VOTE OFTEN!”)

This comes down to one question: whose side are you on?  Simple:  The United States of America, therefore: President Trump, his administration and all patriotic legal American citizens.

McConnell and Trump are going to drop everything to grab more power for corporations and for their wealthy friends.    Wrong.  No basis for statement – simple and unjustified fear mongering in hopes of gathering “fear motivated support” for disingenuous Democrats pushing America towards the failure known as Socialism. President Trump has done more good for this country than Sleepy Joe Biden has in almost 50 years!

Democrats are going to keep fighting for everyone else – we’re fighting to put money in pockets of workers, to manufacture more masks and coronavirus tests, and to support schools and communities and small businesses.

Same old Democrat promises to provide any and everything to ANYONE (legal citizens or not). Who would be foolish enough to believe such traditional Democrat nonsense?  (“Democrats are going to keep fighting for everyone else –“?     Sure, I’d believe that by only adding…   except the legal US citizen!)

We fight to reform our justice system.  Incorrect, see above. (Actually retard justice system)

We fight to meet- we’re rising to meet this moment.  Incorrect, see above.

If you love this country, you fight for the people who make it work.  Agreed, that’s why patriots support President Trump (a president Democrats sought to illegally remove through a HOAX IMPEACHMENT with known patently false information along with misuse/abuse of government law enforcement entities and intelligence agencies)

That’s what Democrats will continue to do every single day.  ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT WHEN REFERENCING THE ABOVE STATEMENT.  Democrats surreptitiously fight for the people attempting to destroy this country and its Constitutional Freedoms and Rule of Law.


Great, now I’m hungry. lol


My best to you and yours, Lew

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