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PAGE 7 of the Audit Report …. DEFERRED OUTFLOWS OF RESOURCES – PENSION (NOTE 6)  {E for employee?}

Could it be Outflows Pension Employee Deferred?   That would be OPED!

Crap I don’t know….WISH “Auditor John” had returned to that DARN ACRONYM!


Yes I do repeat myself an awful lot but SOMETIMES there is benefit.

The following video clip is a repeat of information already covered by the digitized audio recording of the whole meeting but I believe this a worthwhile BACKTRACK in the sense of fully appreciating a moment caught in time.

Sometimes a video clip can provide much more information than if the description is attempted in written form alone.  I believe the old expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” would surely also apply to a video clip.  Besides, it is much better if you viewers can see and hear for yourselves and make your own decision.   Heck, I admit to being biased the day Kampa showed up with a contract ready for signature and the GM position hadn’t even been publicly announced yet.  (ever hear that before?  lol)

ANYWAY, I am still amazed at how much information I miss when truly focused on these meetings and discussions when they occur. Inevitably I will start working on a blog post and while reviewing the audio/video recordings hear and/or observe things from that meeting that I completely missed while there in real time.

You know, the meeting is going on, I’m busy watching and listening to an exchange-

(or passionately participating in one – and yes I will post my “liar outburst” when we get there – I’m certainly not proud of that moment but it did happen and only fair that it be presented with all the other KRAPA–{but I might include some racy porno video clips and images with it to help viewers concentrate on my inappropriate outburst…..LOL!)-

but other peripheral information around me is not consciously processed and slips right by the old grey matter – until reviewing the recordings.  Sometimes I will remember portions of what I couldn’t recall without assistance.

Besides learning how rude and/or impolite I have been a few times (that passionate thing again) what is really interesting is that I start to notice patterns of behavior in others as well that may have been otherwise considered co-incidence or happenstance.  These repeated instances of the same behavior in conjunction with my closer inspection of the recording along with the advantage of “hindsight” (what actually happened after the behavior) often provides a conceivable motive for an intentional act.

Yes, I am probably not explaining this very well so I’ll exert more control on my “talking fingers” and attempt to keep it short.

I believe Pete Kampa is an expert at consistently interrupting others when they speak to change the course of that public expression when he (Kampa) believes the speaker is treading too close to a subject Kampa would otherwise not care to discuss.

Remember the public comment timer beeper of Danny Johnson’s?  The interjections and cautions about referring to employees – and questions before the speaker was done?  All that stuff was unnecessary but clearly intended to break the speaker’s train of thought and run them over the 3 minute time limit.  Successful but crude.  I’m saying Kampa is an expert at accomplishing the same thing but with a calm, confident, assertiveness.  He knows playing it cool, no matter what happens, is a big part of the game.

Case in point (reason for this clip), when “John the auditor” was explaining why there was such a major difference in the  employee pension liability area of the audit,  which evidently affects a few different categories, Kampa interrupts to suggest explaining financial acronyms.  Kampa does this despite the acknowledgement, during the request itself, that some terms had been mentioned earlier in the day.  Heck, most recognized them from the many times discussed in meeting too — all except the one “Auditor John” was just discussing.

Kampa then primes the auditor’s response with GASB 68 (Government Accounting Standards Board) and NOT THE TERM “Auditor John”  had just used and was referring to on a specific page of the audit.   I am still not sure but believe it was OPED.

Heck, GASB is defined on page one of the audit report!  Yet Kampa interrupts the auditor to request a definition of GASB

I’ve looked several times and can’t find a term or heading that sounds like O.P.E.D.  that but maybe I misunderstood the actual letters.

On page 7 there are three items related to pensions, [MY GUESS AT A POSSIBLE ACRONYM – lol]


Deferred Outflows of Resources – Pension (Note 6)  [DOOR]

Net Pension Liability (Note 6)  [NPL]

Deferred Inflows of Resources – Pension (Note 6)   [DIOR]



Which one of these might sound like O.P.E.D. ?

What do you hear?

Regardless, I have witnessed and recorded this many times and Pete Kampa is a professional.  His technique is flawless, polite, effective and quite recyclable.

Anyway, I’m working on another video which is going to take much more time but thought in the meantime I’d BACKTRACK for this quickie.

Oh yeah!  Think I just discovered what that illusive problem was with the wide screen aspect ratio setting……wasn’t done in the video editing software…..it was my old second backup camera setting!  I could not figure out why only some of the videos (all downloaded into one folder – same camera manufacturer too) caused this uploading problem.  Now I have a clue:



(Dumb Ass Camera Operator Syndrome)



Great.  Now I’m hungry.

Just change the “D” to a “T” and it’s TACOS

Hum, sounds good.

Let’s see what happens when I tell the software to make a 4:3 production out of a 16:9 recording…!

This DACO is learning!  lol


My best to you and yours, Lew

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