I was blah, blah, blahing about some of the spectacular “sand form designs” captured and illustrated on several Google Earth images I downloaded while researching a prospective Nevada “Plan B Final Home” site. (My current “California Final Home” designation is under serious reconsideration.) I sent Leanne the digital images so we could view and discuss them one at a time over the telephone.

I was FULL SPEED rattling on about how the meandering arms reminded me of the Humboldt River itself and how it twists and turns cutting a 300 mile journey across Nevada (NE to SW) before disappearing into the Earth at the Humboldt Sink outside Lovelock, Nevada. (Longest river within one state). Blah, blah, blah……like the Mississippi River when…….blah blah blah, Can you imagine living in an area where…..blah blah blah…..

When Leanne was able to squeeze in a comment she said, “reminds me of a Squid”.

Strange how appreciating her excellent observation affected me. Although continuing to talk about the property images and possibilities, from the moment the word “Squid” left her mouth and was received by my ears – some automated switch activated a biological process deep within the recesses of my grey static matter. Instantly connections and associations between a Squid and the desert were being formed, organized and arranged as lyrics.

Thank you Leanne! Just think….Desert Squid is now excellent shorthand in locating a specific area during a telephonic property search discussion, you know? Like…..”Yeah, see where the canal turns south and meets the “cork screw” road? Go 1/2 a mile due east and then north 1 mile – there appear to be a number of Desert Squid dancing in the NE quarter of section 9 – LOL

Yup, perfectly descriptive of what we were viewing on those satellite images but now I can’t get that desert animal out of my mind!

My best to you and yours, Lew

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