{To game show host over loud audience noise….} “OK, guess I’ll try SUBMIT REQUESTS FOR AGENDA ITEMS for $4.60 Bob…”

Perhaps this is just another waste of time and effort but considering the numerous legitimate questions and suggestions that have gone unanswered, or have not been discussed, for months at meetings by way of PUBLIC COMMENT – why not try again?

What do I have to lose other than another $4.60?

Besides, the typical district proffered excuse for their inaction is that the issue was not put on the agenda.

Ohhhhh, I get it, even though some of these subjects and proposed solutions have been mentioned many times before and are indeed important subject matters of jurisdiction for the district, management is reluctant to place them on the agenda regardless of how legitimate, reasonable, prudent, etc. they might be?

Humm, who knows?  Maybe GM Pete Kampa and Board President Danny Johnson, who are the only two responsible for setting agenda items per district policy incidentally, might just see their way clear to approve such discussion topics, and dare I dream, possibly some solutions might actually materialize?

Guess stranger things have happened, right?


Will you catch them?

I sure as heck didn’t – multiple times!  lol


NOTES TO ABOVE, Yup, sure enough I left out a couple of important words while rushing to get done before the CSD office closed at 1430hrs.  Heck these are only two I just discovered!  WHAT NEXT?   (darn “cut and paste revisions!  lol)

The word “of”

Sentence should have read:

“Suggest the Board of Directors instruct management to investigate the feasibility of preventing transfer OF outside place of use property water service accounts to new owners of record in an effort to reduce current groundwater substitution dependency.”


“Such a policy will incrementally reduce the financial liability of the 99% of legally entitled customers of Merced River Water (in the subdivision) from continued additional costs associated in providing a special benefit water service they did NOT require, request or approve.”

I actually recall that bonehead move, I had written “…service they didn’t require, request or approve.”  and wanted to change it to,

“…did not require, request or approve.”

Evidently I only deleted the contraction and failed to add the “NOT”!  I really dislike rushing these things but I had an ongoing project I wanted to finish today and daylight was burning!

Yes, excuses, excuses.  lol

My best to you and yours, Lew

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