Howdy!  Yesterday “WE” (Liz/Lew – lol) made a trip to the transfer station (garbage/recycle drop-off), the Don Pedro Hardware Store (Christy’s Red Hot Glue for PVC/conduit pipe) and the LDPCSD office to pick up some previously requested public information.  Here is a quick outline of that information and some “spit balling” as to what the heck has been going on behind the scenes since the September 28th, 2017 State Water Resources Control Board’s Notice of Water Right Violation to Pete Kampa and the LDPCSD.

I’ll post this beginning timeline with my traditional blah, blah, blah per each correspondence first, then post the entire communication as received for viewer review.

Oct  2 2017         Peter Kampa to SWRCB Engineering Geologist Natalie Stork.  LDPCSD Received Sept 28, 2017 NOV.  Kampa has commissioned preparation of digital maps “so that we can easily identify and resolve any issues with the various boundary maps.”

LEW NOTE:  The above Kampa statement is extremely important in understanding his nefarious plan and actual reason for the LDPCSD Board to approve a $35,000 digital mapping project – so Pete Kampa could continue creating FABRICATED GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS CONCERNING THE LEGAL POU (Place of Use) for Merced River water under water license 11395!

Kampa requests information possessed by the SWRCB: “shape files of boundaries” and “spreadsheets used deriving the stated result”. (Essentially requesting that he be advised what evidence the SWRCB possesses regarding the water right violation notice.)  Kampa states: “…we hope to prove that no violation actually occurred”.  Kampa assures that the new wells will produce substantial groundwater so that “we do not “split hairs” when it comes to compliance”.

[LEW NOTE:  Remember how this all first started when Kampa and his “yes board” assured the community that the new GRANT FUNDED GROUNDWATER WELLS WOULD NOT BE USED FOR EXPANSION OF OUTSIDE PLACE OF USE WATER SERVICE but were intended to only assist existing customers through the emergency drought and potential loss of lake water?

right.  Then why did Kampa/Board twice attempt to abolish LDPCSD Resolution 2013-4 prohibiting further outside POU water service if not intending to expand the groundwater substitution to LAFCO annexed properties outside the subdivision?]

Oct 7 2016          Natalie Stork to Peter Kampa, (Also spoke on telephone in April) States Syndie Marchesiello sent LDPCSD files for SWRCB investigation.  Stork requests if Kampa has list of Assessor Parcel Numbers for outside POU customers and if so please send to SWRCB.

Oct 9, 2017         Natalie Stork to Peter Kampa cc: Victor Vasquez.  Stork explains how analysis was conducted with information LDPCSD furnished.  Stork unsure if legally permitted to share SWRCB evidence thus far, but would check with the SWRCB attorney if Kampa wished. Ms Stork explains her rationale for the calculations based on LDPCSD information.  Ends her letter with:  “If you have difficulty deriving these calculations, you may want to speak to a water rights consultant or engineer.”



IS MISSING FROM REQUEST FOR THIS PUBLIC INFORMATION and might possibly shed light on why investigators were changed during investigation.


Dec 8, 2017         Peter Kampa to Natalie Stork. “Please confirm receipt, Email Importance: High. 

“I was hoping for a response to my email message of 12-5-2017.”

Dec 11, 2017 (12:52PM)  Peter Kampa to Victor Vasquez.  “Please confirm receipt, Email Importance: High”.  Victor – please find below and attached my most recent email to Natalie regarding alleged outside POU addition.  (NOTE: The attached portion of that email to Natalie Stork (regarding SWRCB NOV 4.1 Reported water service outside the POU) was enlarged to the point that important information was not even printed in the document!   Why send such “copy error” material to the SWRCB? (Can be viewed in later posted email.)

[LEW NOTE: In this email Kampa states the last OUTSIDE POU service connection was before 2008 for the Don Pedro Waste Water Facility which is currently under consideration for State Receivership due to a critical lack of necessary residential financial support and customer defeat of a proposed Proposition 218 to adequately raise rates which will eventually be almost three times the current amount!  Yeah, I’d be pissed too, but who advocated, allowed, approved, permitted, etc., such development to proceed?

Also understand this second facility was necessary due to the massive uncontrolled residential development by a decades “late on the scene” bay area developer that was permitted within the subdivision around the golf course.   All that construction required an adequate sewer service. 

The County was obviously aware of the Merced River water restrictions in the water license (discussed below regarding the County Board of Supervisors supporting a Place of Use change (expansion)  with a resolution) yet constructed that second wastewater plant outside the Place of Use which therefore required EXPENSIVE GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION. 

Also recall that it was years later that it was brought to light that the County owed over $45,000 to the LDPCSD for an unpaid, incorrect water meter, which failed to properly record the actual amount of water consumed.  This of course presented the false image of the waste water facility operating at a much lower cost. 

Then there’s the issue of the Mariposa County Landfill leachate being trucked in at night by tankers and processed at the facility.  But I digress.

Again – Why were there two separate later attempts (2015 and 2016) to rescind RESOLUTION 2013-4 which prohibited further groundwater substituted service outside subdivision IF THERE WAS NO PLAN TO RESUME EXPANSION of that special benefit water service for land developers with LAFCO ANNEXED PROPERTY outside the water license place of use?  

PLEASE ALSO RECALL that the proposed 900 acre LAKE SHORE RANCH SUBDIVISION, that was supposedly annexed into the LDPCSD in 1995, was kept a virtual secret from the public (and directors) until only a few months prior to the UNETHICAL RETURN OF PETE KAMPA IN 2014.  That is when a semi-closed meeting between LAFCO and LDPCSD officials apparently resulted in changing the designation of that LAKE SHORE RANCH property from SOI (Sphere of Influence) to being WITHIN THE SERVICE BOUNDARY.   (The 2008 Mariposa County Municipal Service Review indicates that property was SOI.)

I have recently discovered some documents that also indicate the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors (chaired by Sally Punte), in addition to other county departments, was also actively advocating the SWRCB change the PLACE OF USE for MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT WATER LICENSE 11395 to include these LAFCO ANNEXED PROPERTIES in the LDPCSD legal water service boundary.  ie, Mariposa County Board of Supervisors Resolution 1992-13, included below.] 


Dec 13, 2017  (4:07 PM) Victor Vasquez to Peter Kampa.  “It’s going to take me a while to figure out exactly how we determined the number of parcels that we mention in the report.”

Dec 28, 2017      Peter Kampa to Victor Vasquez.  LDPCSD NOV response and request for time extension.  Email importance high – hard copy letter will follow in US mail.

Dec 28, 2017      LDPCSD letter to SWRCB RE: Response to Notice of Violation dated September 28, 2017 and request for time extension.  LEW NOTE: Letter contains much misrepresented and incorrect information.  The following statement is a major clue as to how this POU MATTER has been completely misrepresented for decades by PETER KAMPA:

 “The District can provide the map overlays requested in item (1) above, using the District’s interpretation of the intent of the parcels to be included in the POU boundary by the POU drafter.”  


NOT ACTUAL FACTS – but rather THE LDPCSD’s “INTERPRETATION OF THE INTENT” by the original POU drafter to include the parcels!            


Another excellent example of Kampa’s use of “self serving second guessing” rather than easily verifiable documented fact which is contrary to his position!

Recall how Kampa/Board “interpreted” past board actions and completely changed their decisions – like in the Post Retirement Medical Benefits change which greatly increased our district liability for benefits previously discontinued several years earlier to save money?

Jan 10 2018         Victor Vasquez to Peter Kampa.  The question as to service being extended outside of LDPCSD POU can be answered “once LPCSD (sic) provides the Division with exact maps of its POU and service area boundaries.”  Apologizes for not responding to Kampa’s Dec 11th request for what evidence the SWRCB possesses regarding how SWRCB staff determined a change in outside POU service had occurred.

“As you know, the Division staff that prepared the report of investigation has transferred to another State Water Board office, and I am currently short staff to address your request.”  Vasquez approves the 90 day extension for the LDPCSD response.

The personnel transfer seems curious considering the ultimate attempted closure of the case.

Feb 22, 2018       Peter Kampa to Victor Vasquez.  Email importance: high.  Kampa providing the maps requested in the SWRCB September 28, 2017 Notice of Violation.

Kampa states: “…we look forward to your concurrence with the information provided.” 

LEW NOTE: Here’s another excellent example of how Pete Kampa intentionally confuses an issue:

“The license POU boundary digital boundary was created using the digital file provided by MBK Engineers, who developed the most recent paper boundary map on file with the Division…..”

On file in which Division?

Why is Kampa even mentioning a paper map when the SWRCB required digital which was the main reason for the Board approved $35,000 digital mapping project?

Heck, Kampa and his “yes nodding bobble-headed Board of defectors” wouldn’t even take the time to review the MIDPOU paper/velum maps on file with their own frigg’n district!   Right there on the boardroom wall.  Why?  They didn’t trust paper maps!   LOL

Yet here Kampa writes about “the most recent paper boundary map on file” –  which is NOT WHAT HE TOLD THE PUBLIC AT MEETINGS – HE SAID THE CAD COMPANY WAS USING THE MOST RECENT DIGITAL POU MAP ON FILE WITH THE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT AND OUR DISTRICT WOULD NOT BE INVOLVED WITH THE MAP PRODUCTION – lies all the way around!  Good Heavens!  Look at the product of that $35,000 digital mapping project – doesn’t even mention the legal water license boundary but refers viewers to the Merced Irrigation District!  Unbelievable!

Kampa keeps making reference to that 1993 proposed POU change that NEVER OCCURRED because the SOUTH SHORE CLUB (LA VENTANA CATTLE COMPANY) 2,010ac/772 afa golf course/subdivision project was abandoned for failing to meet SWRCB conditions of approval. 

I still wonder sometimes (but not much after witnessing how Kampa actually works) how in the world did the Department of Water Resources (DWR) end up having this proposed and abandoned project map on file to be used and referenced as the legal POU for WL11395? 

Was this map used during Kampa’s DWR,  (and other), grant applications for the new groundwater wells which are clearly now being used to keep the LDPCSD in compliance with the water license due to the amount of Merced River water already wrongfully leaving the legal POU subdivision? 

And who knows about the decades of “water loss”? 

Is it loss, or “wink and nod” water theft? 

Who knows without the facts.  Heck, even when the facts are revealed in an 18 month NOV investigation – Kampa and Kompany were almost successful in making their whole conspiracy go away WITH a new WRONGFULLY EXPANDED WL11395 POU MAP for his LAFCO ANNEXATIONS on file with the SWRCB to boot!

Kampa states: “A revised water consumption compliance report will need to be developed once we have agreement regarding the license POU map.” 

Naturally Kampa suggests that a new compliance report be created because he is hoping the SWRCB will “buy into” (if not already fixed) his FAKE POU MAP WHICH WILL EXPAND THE POU BOUNDARY TO INCLUDE THOSE LATER LAFCO ANNEXED PROPERTIES! (Many set up by Kampa between 1994-1997 when employed here the first time.)  Please also notice how Kampa’s statements are later essentially incorporated into the attempted case closure and remedies in the Feldhaus email to Kampa, below.

Mar 7 2018         Peter Kampa to Victor Vasquez.  Email importance high.  Kampa:  “I realize you may not have had the opportunity to review these files yet, but want to receive acknowledgement that you have received and if possible a rough timeline for your review.”

May 17, 2018 (7:30 AM)     Peter Kampa to Victor Vasquez.  RE: Status of review of maps.  Kampa has previously spoken with Vasquez on the telephone about added SWRCB STAFF to help in the review of the Notice of Violation information –

Just a strange coincidence? 

Kampa’s previous email communications were designated as HIGH IMPORTANCE yet suddenly discontinued for this particular email.

Why the sudden lack of HIGH IMPORTANCE

Had an agreement with Vasquez already been “understood” to quickly drop the SWRCB investigation utilizing one of the new employees so KAMPA’s FAKE POU MAP WOULD NEVER BE DISCOVERED and like the DWR, filed within SWRCB Water Rights Division for later utilization?  

PETE KAMPA:  “We welcome the opportunity for a face to face meeting to review the maps and data if you so desire.”  

Were any “face to face meetings” between Kampa and Vasquez facilitated?   Or meetings between other representatives from the respective agencies?   

May 17, 2018 (11:13 AM) Victor Vasquez to Peter Kampa.  RE: Status of review of maps.  VASQUEZ:  “We have two new staff members.  I have been providing them training to come up to speed.  I will assign the review of the maps to one of them next week and will request to meet with you if necessary.”


Jun 13, 2018       The Aaron Feldhaus email to Peter Kampa apparently closes the case.

This “apparent quick closure of the investigation” utilized INCORRECT INFORMATION CLEARLY PROVIDED BY PETE KAMPA – INCLUDING HIS DESIRED REMEDY OF A REVISED MONTHLY CONSUMPTION REPORT WHICH REMOVED HIGH WATER CONSUMING LAFCO ANNEXED PROPERTIES THAT ARE CLEARLY OUTSIDE THE Merced Irrigation District Place of Use for Merced River water under water license 11395 and SHOULD CONTINUE TO BE IN THE COMPLIANCE REPORT!  (You see, by removing the high LAFCO ANNEXED consuming properties Kampa could then claim no violation EVER existed and, as planned, have the whole matter quietly disappear!)

Yup, the CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICTS ASSOCIATION (CSDA) must be very proud of their 20 year board member Pete Kampa.   Why else keep such an example of individual board member honesty and integrity to represent their massive not for profit special district lobbying organization? 


(No wonder this state experiences such public agency turmoil with leadership like that.)

After viewing the Feldhaus email to Kampa in the June LDPCSD agenda packet on the Saturday morning before the Monday regular monthly board meeting, I immediately began working on complaints regarding this outrageous attempted closure of an otherwise excellent 18 month initial investigation by HONEST PUBLIC OFFICIALS! 

Seems to me, in addition to the obviously missing December 5, 2017 Kampa email to Natalie Stork

(just before Victor Vasquez took over the investigation, trained, assigned, and assisted the 3 month new employee, Aaron Feldhaus, in handling the matter – resulting in the “apparent case closure”), –

there appears to be some information gaps in the time line.  These might be explained through other missing emails and letters between the SWRCB and Pete Kampa; telephone conversations that certainly took place according to the emails; and perhaps even “face to face meetings” as suggested by Pete Kampa in his May 17, 2018 email to Victor Vasquez just before the attempted closure of the investigation.

That’s it for now – must get outside.  I wasted yesterday in reviewing what is presented here and most of today scanning, uploading and posting – Liz is not too thrilled as we were supposed to work outside.

She will likely start voluntarily bringing me socks filled with ……

ah, never mind. 



My best to you and yours, Lew


PS:  Due to the mixing of different emails on the same print out page, chronologically presenting the information is impossible without physically “cutting and pasting” some of the material so such “supporting/attached information” is presented at the end of the post. 


Oh yeah….now we’ll start with the most recent communication which was the surprise “ATTEMPTED CLOSURE OF THE INVESTIGATION” and work backwards.  later.


That in itself is not too alarming because it stands to reason the county would support anything that would encourage development in such rural drought prone areas, however, it does clearly indicate that the highest jurisdictional powers of the county were also aware of the restrictions in the water license. Yet still the County continued to advocate and approve project developments which placed an ever increasing financial burden on the mandatory victim MR WECs of the Lake Don Pedro subdivision to maintain an extremely expensive GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM for land developers outside the subdivision POU of the water license – all because they purchased property in this COMMON INTEREST DEVELOPMENT!

Gosh, it sure seems as though the creators and ultimate regulators of the LDPCSD just threw the legal MR WECs under a meandering special interest “OUTSIDE POU BUS”.




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