Good question. For example, recall the PG&E claim for +$16,000 in damages when one of their high voltage conduits was damaged (apparently as a result of prior digging in the area) and the LDPCSD requested the line be relocated for safety reasons in order to proceed with a state required treatment plant upgrade?

I recall Wes Barton asking about it a few times along with my repeated requests for information as to whether the claim was paid or if the LDPCSD was continuing to deny responsibility. Typical Peter Kampa response: zip. Nothing. Nada. No comment.

Will this issue just be forgotten with all the other sneaky, low down, unethical KAMPAGANDA garbage Pete generates and wallows in before ultimately (and quickly) moving on to the next opportunity for SPECIAL DISTRICT deception and exploitation?

Welcome to the Kampa Klub of Special District conquest Groveland CSD!

Consider: who better to circumvent Special District protective regulations than a TOP DOG CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICT ASSOCIATION (CSDA) Board Director of 20 years! After all, if you’re going to cheat anyway – might as well cheat with the best, yeah?

Anyway, I ran across this issue while looking for something else but it re-energized my curiosity….what happened to that PG&E claim?

Did PG&E just drop it while working through their bankruptcy issues?

Will it eventually be addressed in court litigation?

Did the LDPCSD agree to some compromise to this issue while working through that massive raw water line leak problem at Barrett’s Cove that had gone unresolved for months due to PG&E’s refusal to move a precariously leaning utility pole over the water line leak? (A massive leak allowing pumped water to flow back to the lake where it could be pumped again, and again and again without delivery to the treatment plant?)

Well, now that the main component (Pete Kampa) is gone (sorry Groveland, but you asked for it) maybe other facts of the matter can also be finally flushed out? I sent the below information request to the LDPCSD office this morning:

This is a public information request regarding the January 12, 2017 PG&E claim for $16,886.26 as a result of damage to a high voltage underground conduit and relocation of that line away from the LDPCSD project area.    I believe the date of the incident was October 6, 2016.  Although multiple requests have been made in the past, no information was ever provided by then acting GM/Treasurer Peter Kampa.

I would appreciate all subsequent information following that which was publicly documented in the February 22, 2017 meeting agenda packet.    

Thank you, Lew Richardson

Here is the initial information that was provided in the February 22, 2017 LDPCSD Monthly Board Meeting agenda packet:

Yup, just like the commercial on television where “Just OK” isn’t good enough – yeah? (Dangerous looking carnival ride where the attendant is asked by a frightened (would be rider):

“But what if something bad happens?”

and the worker shrugs the question off with the answer…

“We just go to the next town”.

Well, a lot of very bad things have happened to our LAKE DON PEDRO CSD since October 2014 and the lead perpetrator, Pete Kampa, has already left for the next town!

My best to you and yours, Lew

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