WHAT? SUCH CONFUSED “leadership” ACTUALLY ENCOURAGES A POTENTIAL, (if not desired) WORLD END very soon! lol

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Ah, come on, what do you have to lose but 13 minutes and 15 seconds? You’ve wasted more than that on LAME Projects, right?

OK, I double-dare you to watch this video! lol

Watch and listen to only one of OUR many new “government leaders” – and recognize some of the same techniques utilized by Lake Don Pedro CSD General Manager/Treasurer Pete Kampa and his “bobble headed yes nodding Board of Defectors”!

They NEVER DISCUSS the facts and motives for what they have ALREADY DONE, (and continue to do) in furtherance of an EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE SUBSIDIZED SPECIAL BENEFIT GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM for LAFCO ANNEXATIONS Pete Kampa set up between 1994-1997 while operating as a rogue special interest employee when starting his infamous water career here in the United States.

Why was no traditional employment background check performed for Pete Kampa prior to that Board “granting Kampa access” to over one million dollars in LDPCSD cash derived from a previous PROP218 that was necessary to avoid District bankruptcy?

(A bankruptcy, incidentally, almost realized thanks to the SAME SORT OF SPECIAL INTEREST CATERING previously displayed for other land development/real estate interests seeking further exploitation of our subdivision’s limited resources. Take a look at the Don Pedro Wastewater Facility financial situation right now for yet another lesson in what happens with uncontrolled special interest development in our subdivision when the CC&Rs were not enforced so “everyone could make money”. HA!)

Perhaps……those 2014 board directors that orchestrated Kampa’s UNETHICAL RETURN….

  1. Believed District employment records for Kampa had already been successfully destroyed in the arson of the administration office in February of 2012 —- so there was really nothing to review anyway? Besides, why would “they care” what other employers might relate about their intended outside MIDPOU savior Pete Kampa?
  2. Were already aware Pete Kampa was a former rogue employee who successfully set up thousands of acres of LAFCO ANNEXATIONS for district water service in the past (for which the LDPCSD has no legal duty or moral obligation to provide water service anyway), and only Kampa could finish the job by developing groundwater wells with government grant money leveraged with the LDPCSD million dollars?
  3. Simply did not care whether Pete Kampa had a good employment background or not, only that he could realize what the Board desired….expanded OUTSIDE MERCED IRRIGATION DISTRICT PLACE OF USE FOR MERCED RIVER WATER under WL11395, and a massively increased ALTERNATE SOURCE GROUNDWATER PRODUCTION to also sell OUTSIDE the MIDPOU to LAFCO ANNEXATIONS, or maybe just because WHO KAMPA WAS?
  4. Was Board impressed that Pete Kampa was an almost 20 year director with the CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICTS ASSOCIATION (CSDA) and had an extensive working relationship with other PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST LEFTISTS in Sacramento (and else where) and was therefore viewed as having unequivocally already been vetted for their unethical and illegal purposes?  Certainly deserving of yet another employment opportunity with the LDPCSD – despite any obvious disciplinary actions of the past that might pop up now and then? (This is only a partial list of potential reasons for appointing such an unethical cheater like our current GM/Treasurer. But remember, “these activists” DO NOT consider their activities wrong or illegal because their SOCIAL JUSTICE ACTIVISM is assisting with the overall PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST LEFT plan to dramatically change and/or overthrow OUR established justice system in OUR UNITED STATES of AMERICA! (OPEN BORDERS – OPEN BOUNDARIES – seriously, what is the difference other than scale and cost?) Anyway, watch this video while simultaneously considering the years of unanswered legitimate questions Kampa and his Board of Defectors have (at least thus far) successfully avoided at our continuing and substantial financial expense!


My best to you and yours, Lew

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