Since the beginning of time there have been hard working and productive people from all over the world (not just one identified race, ethnic background or religious belief, etc.) who created valuable community environments reflecting their own individual and unique systems of societal management and concepts of fair distribution of accumulated wealth to citizens.

Unfortunately, when word of the PRODUCERS accomplished wealth spread to other less prosperous areas these PRODUCERS were often forced to protect that which they had worked so hard to develop for their community from the resulting hordes of less productive, often just plain lazy, demanding, opportunistic invading thieves. (Groups dedicated to”conquest and taking”, rather than “Co-operation and making”.)

As the once compassionate and voluntary generosity of the “producers” in providing outside non workers with what they needed, wanted and ultimately demanded as “THEIR RIGHT”, began to wane, (due to continuing outrageously unethical exploitation and abuse of the LEGITIMATE PRODUCERS by the DEMOCRAT PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST LEFT, or DPSL) a dramatic transformation of society indeed took place. Although perhaps not exactly what the DPSL activists may have envisioned.

Perhaps this was the perfect opportunity for the PRODUCERS to compel THE DEMOCRAT PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST LEFT to, not only prove the validity of their theories of OPEN BORDERS AND FREE HANDOUTS BEING SOLUTIONS TO the PROBLEMS THEY CREATED, but to also effectively demonstrate how their NEW IDEAS IN OUR CHANGING AMERICA COULD BE SUCCESSFULLY IMPLEMENTED!  Yes, indeed, they could now FINALLY BE THE CHANGE THEY DESIRED AND DEMANDED THROUGH EXAMPLE!

Imagine the progress that could be made in the ever increasing problem of adequate affordable housing……  (this is where you would hear the “dreamy type music” lol)

Democrat Progressive Socialist Leftist:  “My husbands and I have determined this home will be perfect for us and our EXPONENTIALLY INCREASING FAMILY POPULATION. Yes, most certainly, we will TAKE this house!”   

Real estate agent, “I am so sorry but my supervisor just advised you and your extended family are registered and participating Democrat Progressive Socialist Leftists and not qualified for a number of options these particular homes offer. But be assured, there are many, many other locations with homes that will surely fit your political philosophy and activism which, as you may know, actually resulted in the creation of this NEW AMERICAN DREAM OF ACCOUNTABLE GOVERNMENT.”  

“What the hell are you talking about?” screams the angry prospective DEMOCRAT PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST LEFTIST purchaser?

Well, specifically all burglar/intrusion alarm systems; emergency communication network devices; and any form of a functioning locking device for any door, window, cabinet, etc.”

“That makes no f@c#ing sense at all!” shouted the denied buyer.

 “Oh, and the complimentary provision of “a home defense firearm” option is also unavailable for DPSL home purchases due to your clear ANTI-GUN position, so you are not entitled to the pistol/shotgun combo.”

“Firearms included with the purchase of a home? That’s a stupid idea!” cried the DPSL activist.

Government real estate agent, “Then you should be pleased you are not entitled to the gifts, however, since the firearm option is not available, you are entitled to, and will receive with your DPSL structure purchase, a “I DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANY SECURITY MEASURES”  sign which is required to be permanently installed in all areas subject to public view around the property and affixed to the dwelling.”     

“This is insane!”, cries the denied purchaser.  “How the hell will we know when driving through neighborhoods looking for a house not listed yet which are DPSL APPROVED OR DENIED?”

“As required by new housing regulations established by the NEW GOVERNMENT, all DPSL homes are spatially grouped together in areas to facilitate communities of “like minded” consumers living in their preferred select environments”, explained the government realtor.

“But how can we, as prospective DPSL purchasers, identify these DPSL areas and the approved homes within those areas?” the disappointed home seeker inquires.

“Oh that’s easy, they will be the neighborhoods still on fire or smoldering as emergency police and fire services vary greatly in those DPSL locations.”

“Am I on some kind of joke hidden camera show?” the frustrated DPSL questions while looking around for a hidden camera.

“Sorry, afraid not, but DPSL neighborhoods can also generally be recognized by the numbers of crazed “out of area looters” scampering about from house to house with assorted items not belonging to them, well, that is when not on their traditional “rape breaks”. It’s all pretty straight forward.”

“You must be f@c#ing kidding me…..?” the horrified wanna be buyer exclaims.

“See that long rising column of black smoke to the left of the “DPSL WE DEMAND CHANGE” billboard by the closed highway on-ramp?”, the realtor pointed.

“Yeah”, said the denied buyer.

“That might be a good place for you and your extremely large family of believers to start your search as they have a very large selection DPSL housing with an excellent turnover in smoke damaged-light vandalized structures.  You are sure to get the deal you and your large family deserve over there.”

“But, but, but….we never wanted ANY OF THIS INSANE NIGHTMARE! It’s not fair! It’s discrimination” exclaims the denied DPSL home purchasers as they are “escorted off the property” by “NEW SOCIETY MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTS”.

“I am so sorry”, frowned the realtor, “but government records clearly indicate you supported and empowered the party that did.”

“But we didn’t know this could happen!”

“Again, very sorry, but records clearly indicate your leaders and followers were all clearly placed on notice that your activities were ANTIAMERICAN and threatening our system of justice, law, and order. Darn shame you don’t believe, because I was going to suggest that God have mercy on your ignorant misguided soul because what survived of our prior government has been reconfigured into the new system of justice and law dedicated to the legitimate citizens of this country, which cannot by law – even if they wanted to – forgive your stupid acts of treason. Well, good luck – better get moving though because it gets rather dangerous in that neck of the woods after dark.”

My best to you and yours, Lew

PS – Excluding those who are still actively seeking destruction of OUR UNITED STATES of AMERICA, ………of course! 🙂

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