Everyone seems to be wondering how the Russians obtained information that was handed over to Wikileaks….did some of it actually come from the Democrat Caucus Server controlled by the Pakistani Awan family which was apparently paid much more money than other comparable IT employees working for the Democrat Party? (Millions of dollars for what? Blackmail due to what was discovered on that server? Was it later sold?)

And who was in charge of that server? Our California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (oh yeah, and his current Deputy California Attorney General who was also in Washington DC at the time!) Co-incidence?

Folks, just imagine….all this was going on within the DNC and Democrat Caucus in Washington DC (that was actively covered up to prevent any public understanding as to how serious the information theft was) all the while the DEMOCRAT PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST LEFT continued to “MAKE UP EVIL STORIES” connecting PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP with the alleged Russian backed release of information they claim was damaging to Hillary Clinton during the election. (Funny. HRC has enough damaging information “baggage of her own doing” without any assistance from the Russians or anyone else!)

I’m sorry, but I honestly believe the most dangerous organized enemy of our UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, has been, and still is, THE HI-JACKED DEMOCRAT PARTY, aka, the new DEMOCRAT PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST LEFT!

(Of course without millions of “low information” (and easily deceived) voters that keep them in office the DPSL could never get away with such despicable criminal behavior. Gosh, perhaps that’s just another reason for the DPSL to encourage and advance such massive uncontrolled illegal immigration into this country by people who will vote for ANY PARTY who provides more services at NO COST!)

The DPSL PROFESSIONAL DISINFORMATION AND PROPAGANDA focuses on blaming, and framing, innocent others to cover their own duplicitous betrayal of America and all her legal citizens which simultaneously obstructs the legitimate progress being made in cleaning up the decades of their continuing corruption.

They will do ANYTHING TO DISTRACT AND CONCEAL THEIR NEFARIOUS ACTIVITIES! –prohibit free speech challenging DPSL activities at all levels of American education, from elementary school to state universities! They encourage assaults on those who disagree rather than a logical debate. Why? Because many of their positions are completely illogical when investigated! They even encourage massive illegal immigration into this country which clearly injures all legal American citizens and their vested, entitled interests as LEGAL CITIZENS!

There’s an easy way to identify most of these folks fortunately – if some activity or policy is clearly detrimental to the LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZEN (regardless of any particular individual difference – as our population diversity is what makes us even stronger) ,,, if the activity is obviously against the interests of our country and her LEGAL CITIZENS…..you can likely bet, money, marbles or chalk it originated from the darkness of the DEMOCRAT PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST LEFT!

Check out the below:



YES INDEED….there are many other “links” in the above articles. Check them out as I believe all this will slowly start coming together to paint a pretty clear picture as to the lengths these ANTI-AMERICA activists (often clad in RED WHITE and BLUE as camouflage) will go to destroy this country!

Now that integrity and honor has been returned to the US ATTORNEY GENERAL’s OFFICE (WILLIAM BARR) I believe we will be hearing much more about this, and many other, absolute betrayals to our USA and her LEGAL CITIZENS in the near future. I will continue to pray for such ILLUMINATION because just as Liz Wheeler’s segment title on OANN


so exquisitely and accurately points out:



My best to you and yours, Lew

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