Apparently, Los Osos CSD has ended its GM management relationship with Peter Kampa and his KAMPA COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS llc, stating his primary purpose had been completed despite an October 6th, 2016 Los Osos CSD meeting PUBLIC COMMENT challenging that gracious farewell press statement.

Rather than my attempting to explain the departure, here are two Los Osos articles for you to check out:


The following article was posted on October 7th, 2016, in the New Times – Volume 31, Issue 11

Los Osos CSD splits with another general manager


The Los Osos Community Services District (LOCSD) is about to go without a general manager after deciding to part ways with interim General Manager Peter Kampa.

Kampa’s contract expired on Sept. 30, and the district will not renew it. His contract was extended multiple times since he was hired in February on an interim basis, but an extension is not on the board’s Oct. 6 agenda.

LOCSD Board President Marshall Ochylski confirmed Kampa’s exit to New Times on Oct. 3.

“He completed the tasks we hired him to do,” Ochylski said. “We’re moving forward now.”

Kampa, whose firm Kampa Solutions manages small districts across the state, arrived after a messy break-up with prior General Manager Kathy Kivley. Kampa was tasked with getting the district’s finances in order and completing a tardy financial audit, both of which were accomplished, Ochylski said.

The LOCSD has not hired a replacement general manager. A request for qualifications is out, with some job applications submitted, but Ochylski declined to provide a timetable for the new hire. The current LOCSD staff will manage the day-to-day operations of the district in the meantime.

“We can handle it internally as we go through the interview process,” he said.

Ochylski said the district is looking for a full-time general manager with a strong background in water resources management. The LOCSD currently has a seat and financial role on the Los Osos Basin Management Committee, which is implementing a court-approved plan to stabilize the troubled Los Osos Groundwater Basin.

Kampa expressed some surprise about the timing of his departure. He said he had scheduled auditor visits in October and November to review the LOCSD operations for 2015-2016. But he said that the transition should go well given the staff’s experience running the district during previous stints without a general manager.

“They’ll be prepared to keep it on autopilot,” Kampa said. “The employees [at the LOCSD] have picked up an abnormal level of work.”

Los Osos CSD hires Thousands Oaks-based firm to manage district

 October 17, 2016 6:37 PM

The Los Osos Community Services District has named its third general manager in less than a year — Grace Environmental Services, a Thousands Oaks-based firm.

Read more here: http://www.sanluisobispo.com/news/local/article108867172.html#storylink=cpy


LEW HERE AGAIN……gosh, I sure wish our Board would wake up and smell the chlorine as to the monumental waste of money and effort Kampa & Kompany orchestrated here at the Lake Don Pedro CSD for his special interest land development purposes.  (Also, please do not forget how Kampa and his company actually achieved that GM appointment through a board developed “closed recruitment process” guaranteeing Kampa could, and would, be the only applicant and ultimate appointee to the position.  In other words, Kampa has performed exactly as those sitting directors had intended – to develop an alternate source of water to further expand outside PLACE OF USE water service in circumvention of  water license restrictions for MERCED RIVER WATER.)

Perhaps KAMPA’s management activities in Lake Don Pedro are also approaching a “parting of the ways” as well?  Personally, I would much prefer an honest board doing their ethical best (even with “honest mistakes”) over that of a “for profit professional part time remote GM” that ignores established regulations, policies, opinions of customers, and intentionally increasing District Liabilities while pursuing his goal of creating a “water empire in the same drought prone foothills” where he began his infamous water career 20 years ago.   The fact that KAMPA was already aware of  the MERCED RIVER WATER restrictions in L11395 back then makes his recent activities even more reprehensible and outrageous.  Sure cannot say he didn’t know!

Guess it’s true….. perpetrators always return to the scene of the crime.  

{not so lol for customers trying to survive in a State recognized disadvantaged community.}

I cannot help but wonder what impact, if any, KAMPA’s GROUND WATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM (specifically designed to circumvent the restrictions in water license 11395 regarding MERCED RIVER WATER USE to continue service expansion for land developers outside the legal PLACE OF USE) might have had on the State’s recent  proposal to increase environmental releases from Lake McClure which could very well lead to serious future ramifications regarding our water availability here in Lake Don Pedro.

Think about that.  Kampa aggressively pushed for the new groundwater substitution wells to circumvent those license restrictions just to provide water service beyond the legal Place of Use which was established decades ago, yet for the program to work even more Merced River water must be used.  [Diluting the degree of arsenic contamination from groundwater for safe consumption.]  Could the STATE WATER RESOURCES CONTROL BOARD have interpreted KAMPA’s  special interest activities as an indication that the LDPCSD already had MORE THAN ENOUGH AVAILABLE SURFACE WATER and could therefore AFFORD TO LOSE some of it for increased environmental releases?   (I clearly recall warnings by our legal counsel when I was on the Board of Directors that pursuing further water  service connections outside the PLACE OF USE under L11395 could conceivably jeopardize the water service for  EVERYONE.)

Maybe the SWRCB realized STATE AND FEDERAL GRANT MONEY was obtained through MISREPRESENTATION OF FACT and then those funds were MISAPPROPRIATED TO CONSTRUCT AND DEVELOP KAMPA’s GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM WITH AN “ALTERNATE SOURCE”  RATHER THAN repairing and replacing our failing primary infrastructure which is obviously based on the treatment of surface water from Lake McClure which might also have suggested the LDPCSD did not need as much surface water from the lake to meet our water demand?   So maybe the State figured “why not put that water to better use in maintaining the survival of other species that DO REQUIRE THAT WATER”?   (I mean, it’s not like  Salmon and other water dependent creatures could obtain public funds through misrepresentation and then construct their own groundwater supply to insure survival.)

Heck, KAMPA & KOMPANY even created and furnished our water consuming community with a “foreseeable negative consequence” to boot!  Due to the insistence on developing new ground wells our community must now contend with the expensive proposition of arsenic removal which I  would imagine also entails additional monitoring and reporting to State Health Department officials to insure customers are not adversely affected health wise.  Please realize there was no arsenic problem with the surface water from the lake prior to KAMPA’s groundwater substitution program.

You know, I am truly sick of this KAMPA KRAPA and am not sure if I care to waste any more time attending LDPCSD meetings or reporting on what other Kampa activities are in store for us.   Seriously, what is the point?   They (Kampa & Kompany) will only continue to do as they please.   Who is going to stop them?  {RECALL Kampa & Kompany is merely a shorthand description for those who support service expansion beyond permitted areas in the water license while forcing all to pay for that special benefit.}

Take PUBLIC COMMENT for instance.   The District repeatedly violated its own policy regarding how PUBLIC COMMENT was to be reported in the Minutes so customers (or other interested parties) could understand topic discussions, complaints, and/or suggestions.  So, what was the response?  Did KAMPA & KOMPANY apologize for the obvious censorship and propose to correct those violations by finally abiding by their own existing policy to provide the public with a fair and reasonable comment period that is documented in our records?  Nope.  They simply propose changing the policy to fit the goal of suppressing contrary opinions being documented in the record.  This only results in more Kampa sanitized records.

The POST MEDICAL RETIREMENT BENEFIT issue?  Where is the neutral third party analysis of the facts?  Never happened.  An attorney works for the client, and what the client wants, the attorney assists in delivering.  How is that impartial?   Also please do not forget when KAMPA made an issue of these benefits several other retired employees voiced an interest in also receiving those previously discontinued benefits -this has the potential of creating yet another extremely costly gigantic “Kan of Kampa Worms”!    (Please do not misunderstand, I wish nothing but the best for our employees, but this issue was just another example of how KAMPA has done everything in his power to increase District expenses which will undoubtedly be used as evidence in justification for greatly increased water rates/fees for everyone else.)

What about 40 years of water service WITHOUT AN OFFICIAL SERVICE BOUNDARY MAP?  PURE BULLSHIT!  There has always been an official map but those wanting water outside the legal PLACE OF USE were obstructed from receiving MERCED RIVER WATER so it just conveniently disappeared (like many inconvenient “official records”).    Golly gee, no map, no violation.  Problem solved.   Sure haven’t seen the promised RE-CONSTRUCTED OFFICIAL LAKE DON PEDRO WATER SERVICE BOUNDARY MAP yet either…..just the same antiquated “proposed map” KAMPA and his OUTSIDE PLACE OF USE land developer buddies have attempted to pass-off as a legitimate document for decades.   Heck that piece of crap is still on public display on the LDPCSD website as well as the boardroom wall.

Yes indeed folks, it is extremely difficult and quite frustrating to challenge those who make, and plan to make, substantial amounts of money by doing AND SUPPORTING THINGS the “KAMPA WAY” — all at the “legitimate customer’s expense” – financially, and now, possibly even health wise too.  (Do you think for a nano-second KAMPA & KOMPANY would admit to providing water with an arsenic amount over the State Maximum Contaminant Level?)

Will this corrupt mess ultimately be exposed as the INSTITUTIONALIZED FRAUD it has appeared to be for decades?   Yes, I think it will – and just like the results in this last presidential election – the public and the “POWERS THAT BE” will eventually recognize the corruption and unethical activities for what they are and respond appropriately.   We’ll just have to wait for reconciliation while continuing to pay for such deceit as long as PETE KAMPA, KAMPA COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS, llc, and his special interest land development associates are at the helm of our sinking LDPCSD ship.


Humm, a ground well inspired farewell?


My best to you and yours, Lew


PS:   Below are two of Mr. Wes Barton’s monthly emails to those interested in this continuing LDPCSD saga:

I am formally asking this Board to reject subject motion “….resolution clarifying medical benefits ……  .

Resolution has 9 (1-9)paragraphs beginning with “whereas”, 1 (10)paragraph beginning with “now therefore”

1 (11) paragraph beginning with “wherefore”.  I’ll reference paragraphs 1-11 for my comments.

Begin paragraph 5 thru 7.  Yes there is an April listing of history found but listing was never approved.

Failed April 2016, vote 2-2-1.  Recorded in minutes May 2016.          Second, Barton prepared a letter to the

Board and GM on July 9, 2016, addressing CPA reports’ probable errors regarding not only the cencus but

Also the life of this benefit.  Barton showed that Staff (Syndie) listing (report) had missed certain info that

Was material (CPA auditor notes, community member u-tube tape, concerns over hire dates with handbook

Preparation and no clarification of missing “grandfathered documents” noted in handbook).  Point of these

Missed items is  not to question Staff listing of what was found but only that not all was found and reported.

From a control point, without control of all documents, cannot assume you have a material listing.    Last

Presentation to the Board and GM of Barton’s letter was Sept 18, 2016.      On Sept 19, GM asked board

For permission to use CSD Attorney as reviewer not as an independent 3rd party.  Board didn’t approve but

Didn’t reject (no action taken).  At issue with Sept 19, agenda item also is that it discussed the purpose of

Review is CSD records whereas it had been agreed in public meeting the purpose was to evaluate the

“Words only” of the handbook.  Apparently, GM asked for a legal review and counseling not evaluate the

Words only.  Several meetings this clarification had been made (especially since no way of determining if

All documentation history was possible).

Paragraph 8, is opinion.  Was never questioned could the policy be more clear.  Was never questioned

Would written policy be better than verbal.  Was never questioned that the revised policy in July was

Responsible.   In short, might be good opinion, just wrong purpose and subject.

Paragraph 9, is a second attempt to get the Board to approve the list discussed above  paragraph 5-7.

(This may be a very annoying habit of GM.)

Paragraph 10 and 11, should fail.

Why am I concerned about this, besides general honesty.  The Board in 2008-9, goal was honorable;

I estimate ½ million cost for the last 2 only not considering ongoing employees’ cost for ever.  This is

Not an expense that a small CSD can afford.  I also have questions as to why this came-up again?

I wonder if this was as honorable as the 2008-9 Board was.  I sincerely doubt that the two employees

Were promised this bene until recently.

If the Board is sincerely, ethically, morally hurt, then all they have to do is add the two with a waiver

Beginning today.  This would allow the adjustment for past considerations, reducing some cost while

Honoring the past intended actions.



Wes Barton


First, Lord, I really have been trying not to “bad-mouth” my brothers but sometimes it is the “person” not the process.

Second, since most of you have shown little interest in the CSD and do not plan to attend the meeting I’ll try my best

To be brief but outline what is happening as listed in this agenda (need to click “attached” to understand detail):

3)a,b,c present only (no action expected):  Obviously since no one furnished any commentary.  But, Bd President asks

    Public to contact GM (not Board members) in advance of meetings.  BD/GM apparently believe they are not subject

    To public though CA Code explicitly says otherwise.

4)a,b approve prior financial (treasurer’s) info and minutes:  financials are still erroneous after being highlighted

    Previously.  Still incomplete as defined as “basic” financials.                          October minutes are missing.  Specially

    Onerous since it included a closed meeting “report out”.  (Only chance I’m aware of for “secret meeting” concerning

    ½ million dollar employee benefit, GM potential legal/insurance issues, GM loss of another CSD “job”)

    It is also interesting that GM wants to decrease transparency of reporting minutes from meetings.  Ref 5) e.

5)a,b,c relatively self explanatory so I will address “the rest of the story” behind budget changes:  1st GM has been on

    Board for over 2 years; this defines full responsibility–not “staff’s fault”.     GM has discovered major items not budgeted

    (major risk of major shut down).  Could be $300000.  Health Department involved concerning water quality.  (Won’t

    Discuss the barge[s] and previous GM; another story)   $300000 is being taken from “intake pipe” budget.  Last year

    Or so 4 major leaks, 65-70% water loss each time;          “priorities, priorities who knows the priorities”?

    Note: this reminds me of the story behind the story.  Multi-hundreds of thousands of dollars per well that can’t operate

    Without “surface” (lake) water.  Did we dig the wells because no lake water?

5)d going on since 2010 !  Inventory of correspondence was not approved !  Barton later showed examples where other 3rd

    Party persons input was missing.  GM couldn’t find a commercial “arbiter” to settle the WORDING ONLY of the employee

    Handbook.  Thus GM hired the CSD’S lawyer to consult on all issues of the law.  After all the discussions, Board President

    Must condemn this action of GM.  If President wants to give this benefit to two employees (my estimate $500000), he

    Needs to ask the board to approve, now.

5)f, g relatively self explanatory.    MID, CSD and you and I are in a major fight for our home and access to water.

EDITORIAL:  GM when hired stated that CSD wasn’t his type of client; too small.  HE HAS PROVED IT !  WE’VE PAID FOR IT!

QUESTION  IS : how much more do we pay?  He has proved it at McCloud, CA, Sonora, CA and recently Los Osos.  (others ?)

Note: last 30-60 days, Los Osos CSD didn’t renew Kampa LLC contract but hired another “contract firm”.  Reading a local

Los Osos “rag/web” this week, writer referred to “bureaucratic leach” in describing the departure of Kampa LLC and the

Hiring of the new contractor.  I’m not going to go that far but this non-licensed, part time, non-residential, non-hands-on,  Outside

GM Isn’t working.  As the GM is comfortable blaming a near, non-existent staff, our board apparently thinks they

Have limited responsibility if they have piles of paper (over and over again) and a “GM” .  As the folks stated in the Newsweek

Bloomberg magazine discussing Kampa/Nestle leaving McCloud, CA, we are still suffering thru the “legacy cost”.    Kampa

Will be gone, he always does go.       We are already over our heads trying to act like we are a “Hetch-Hetchy” water system.

We’re not !          Our last Financial Mgr had the guts to show a five year forecast.  CSD’s GM just piles more and more paper in

Front of the Board; they just move it on.  Apparently scared to ask, when is enough ?  [Sounds like the two trillion dollar debt

We gave our kids, huh?)                        Whatever you do don’t come to the meeting, very limited seating; they count on it!




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