WOW. That was fast.

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Gosh, I had not even received a response from yesterday’s information request (for the Monday May 20th monthly meeting recording) when the notice of a Special Meeting on Tuesday was received:

Discussion and Action Item:
Consideration of Adoption of a Resolution Approving an Employment Agreement with Patrick McGowan for the Position of General Manager

Yup, a special meeting to apparently appoint a new General Manager. Sure wonder how long this particular replacement was considered and to what degree (if any) the former GM and his company (PETER KAMPA, Kampa Community Solutions, llc, KAMPACS, KCS, etc.) played in arranging such a speedy replacement with little or no public transparency as to proposed future district management?

Has Mr. McGowan been briefed as to the decades of untruths and resulting fraud perpetrated against the Merced River Water Entitled Customers of the Lake Don Pedro residential subdivision as the LDPCSD illegally pursued more SUBSIDIZED GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION for outside Merced Irrigation District Place of Use LAFCO Annexed properties?

Will this new GM give a rat’s ass about the legal LDPCSD customers and their entitled service requirements ignored for decades? Or will the new GM just continue the same district special interest management clearly documented by long term CSDA DIRECTOR and former LDPCSD GM/TREASURER Pete Kampa since 2014?

Who knows? Could be a wonderful turning point and new start for legal subdivision customers or just more concealed exploitation with public funds by another special interest motivated tool of the Board of Directors? Only time will tell, yeah?

My best to you and yours, Lew

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