(Seems CCP exactly the same as the DEMOCRATS, or is it the DEMOCRATS that are exactly the same as the Communist Chinese Party?)

Chinese leader Xi Jinping at the recent World Economic Forum made a statement that nations must “avoid meddling in other countries’ internal affairs” and give priority to issues such as the pandemic recovery and climate change? Easy to say since China’s “Friends in America”, the Democrats, have been working with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and other enemies of OUR USA to fraudulently appoint the current FAR LEFT administration during a what? That’s right, a Chinese created COVID-19 pandemic while simultaneously using the good old stand-by “climate change” distraction from China’s military buildup and provocative intimidation of others. Taiwan and the South China Sea? Wake up! The current administration is going to harm our allies just like he intentionally harms America’s own citizens! How will this end?

Look at all the Anti-American actions immediately taken through executive order pushed by the leftist handlers of this demented imposter of a serious leader.

That’s right, NEVER MINE! I respect this individual, and his like-minded ilk, as much as I would someone who wore a medal of honor that was never legitimately presented to them. Or those responsible for charitable organization frauds where the professed beneficiaries saw little if any of the donations. Or those who advocate, or condone, child abuse or animal cruelty. Those who intentionally violate a CA State Water license solely for private special interest concerns and force innocent legal customers to pay for the continuing betrayal and misuse of public funds.

OR …..
You get it, no respect at all for what is being presented as “the people’s choice”. After researching the issue and carefully watching the hearings that were provided, I do not believe our last election was fair. Worse than that actually as it certainly appears to have been designed with a host of “irregularities” to produce a certain result: negate the decision of the majority of citizens for that of the DNC and CCP.

I personally cannot accept that 245 years of FREEDOM under the US CONSTITUTION and RULE OF LAW can be so easily and WRONGFULLY replaced and abandoned through a SHAM OF AN ELECTION and RED FLAG attack on Congress.

PLEASE! I did not just write that our country’s history was perfect or didn’t require necessary changes, certainly it does. But you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Things have happened which make us all cringe in disgust and revulsion at the inhumanity displayed in OUR AMERICA’S long and continuing painful journey for freedom for all, but what can you do about the past except praise the success and condemn the failure?


You don’t trash the whole system in favor of another hopeful system that does not even exist in reality. Do you believe for a nanosecond all those who ended up sacrificing their lives in service to this country, both overseas and at home, both military and civilian, died for such bullshit elections like this last one? (Or those who survived with life changing challenges?) Nope. This is not America when such outright fraud and deception can be successfully used to hijack government and redirect our Nation’s future.

Just saw on TV…..SUSAN RICE (one of the BIG LIARS involved in the Benghazi betrayal) is lecturing the American public again. Sorry, none of this looks legitimate to me at all. Wonder if all these folks are just being allowed to manufacture and (unintentionally) configure their own hanging rope for eventual use? You know, give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves?

Anger is a good initial motivator but patience, strategic planning, logistics, etc., is surely addressing this situation in ways only history will ultimately reveal.

Watching Susan Rice speak a few minutes ago on the television was quite disgusting as I recalled her absolute lies to the country regarding the BETRAYAL OF OUR CITIZENS AND PATRIOTS IN BENGHAZI – remember? Wonder how many voters even know or remember who she was/is? Remember back then….? Hillary Clinton’s unsecured emails, missing emails, denied emails, discovered emails, not national security issues, were national security issues, …..blah blah blah…. LIES LIES LIES – cover ups, missing records, blah blah blah….. and now Ms Rice is back on television to tell us how the country is to be run much better now that their choice is in power? We’ve seen how these people run the country – and the last election is just another outrageous presentation by the same people that betrayed us last time, and the time before that,…… they are swamp creatures who have taken the swamp back though a rigged election!

I WANT TRUMP BACK – (and you probably will too)

Love him, hate him, PRESIDENT TRUMP was good for OUR COUNTRY and OUR CITIZENS ON MANY LEVELS. I have no doubt he was chosen PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES by the majority of legal voters who had their collective voice silenced by foreign and domestic enemies of OUR COUNTRY through ballot cheating and manipulation of election results.

“Get your popcorn, peanuts…..”

This will all become quite clear in the near future once the traitors finish construction of their gallows, place their handcrafted rope around their collective neck, and enough spectators have gathered for the final scene in their SHOW OF BETRAYAL.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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CHINA NEVER (list for alternative shopping!)


Tuesday, FEBRUARY 23rd, 2021@1050hrs UPDATE:


ANYWAY….SHOP USA! AND LOCAL IF POSSIBLE. Recently I started to order a dryer replacement part online but the delivery date was 1-2 months out! (I figured must be on a ship – right?) Sorry, a clothes dryer repair could not wait that long so to my utter surprise I located the part in stock in Modesto and the final price to my door was less than ordering online had the anticipated delivery date was acceptable! I now have a local contact for all such appliance replacement parts.

Anyway, good link below.


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“Would chairman Joey care for some special sprinkle candies on his pudd’n pop?” <fades with tummy ache asking for a real doctor”>

Made up example of how this LAME STUFF works, because in this project the inspiration actually came from the idea of “intellectual or logical reasoning” being in a blender of FAKE NEWS INFORMATION and every time someone pushes a button the environment changes quickly — sometimes drastically – but it’s the same material of DISINFORMATION and/or PROPAGANDA from the LEFT often furnished and supported by those on the “known enemies list”.

A thought, concept or feeling put down in a short sentence or rhyme but then compelled for some reason to attempt illustrating (whatever it was) through the use of cool equipment which I don’t have the education, training, skill and expertise to use properly.

I bought a nice little sewing machine but my work is anything but good. Satisfactory for virus lock down at home dress code but probably not for going out in public to the store, although I believe EVEN THAT is changing. Why bother? Who cares? Besides those Frankenstien patch jobs on my jean knees might initiate a pleasant conversation with someone who actually does know how to properly utilize such a wonderful machine. (I am getting a bit better but have one heck of a time turning materials inside out and estimating the right patch size and satisfactorily ….. what ever. It works for me, Frankenstien patch or not.)

ANYWAY, this LAME. Yes indeed I believe these “FAKE NEWS REPORTERS” have betrayed this country (if their’s?) when continually dismissing information that challenges this last extremely peculiar election. That alone should warrant investigation. So many irregularities.

Don’t know how else to say it, but, without a legitimate investigation of all the reported issues as to suspicious ballot activity (WHO KNOWS HOW MANY WITNESSES WERE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP WHEN THEY WATCHED THE CANCEL CULTURE DISCRIMINATORY VIOLENCE AGAINST THOSE WHO DO?). Seriously. That’s called intimidation. If the LEFT’s Plans are so desirable and wanted by a majority of the American Public (as they claim is evidenced in a rapidly recognized fraudulent election) why the lies when representing what they intend to do? Why all the smoke and mirrors and absolute misstatements of fact that even intellectually challenged people and children can understand when PROVIDED TRUTHFUL FACT?

YUP what is happening in America right now is extremely dangerous on multiple levels especially those of most concern that I am neither qualified enough or comfortable enough to explain or discuss at this particular time. Sure, technically anything in the past is history, but folks, what’s happening right now to OUR USA will ultimately be one of the most important turning points in the recorded history of the United States of America.

OUR AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT will either survive this coordinated attack against OUR COUNTRY, its citizens and Freedoms granted under the US Constitution and protected under RULE OF LAW, or it will not.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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Thank you TImothy Clemmons for sharing like you do. Actually, thank you TO ALL PATRIOTS! I read, see and hear your supportive opinions, beliefs, wishes, Prayers, suggestions, watch videos, listen to music….laugh at the perfectly logical cartoons, quips, all of it….cry at other sincere offerings – all of which causes me to wonder…..Why isn’t there (maybe there already is, or are such entities and I have been too much of a semi-hermit to have been educated to the reality) a PATRIOT HOLLYWOOD dedicated to producing and disseminating the more conservative perspectives? Sure, I can boycott LEFT STUFF (if aware of who and what they are) but the flip side is also relevant – Where do I shop, consume, or receive services that support more (hate to use general terms) conservative, patriotic, FREE AMERICA etc dedicated entities without a comprehensive list of such supporting organizations, companies, etc? Heck, there was a group here in CALIFUSION that was advertising with the term “REPUBLICAN” in their title and accepting donations but were actually LEFTISTS! Can’t believe anything. Hummm….A TRUMP FOUNDED UMBRELLA ORGANIZATION WITH ALL PARTICIPANTS ALREADY VETTED? I’ve seen the concept Patriot Party suggested…IF TRUMP STARTS HIS OWN PARTY – I WILL JOIN AND LEAVE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY in a frigg’n heartbeat! OK, a “PATRIOT PARTY ICON STAMP OF APPROVAL” sort of deal with a host of products, consumables, services, maybe even procedures….etc…..Or would such political labeling be heading in another bad direction? I wonder though, would you feel more comfortable sitting in a medical office regarding your own life issues knowing the person in charge of your health and indeed continuing life was a Communist who believed America as you knew and wanted it to continue should be over? Or a doctor who supports your continuing opposition to the destruction of a free America? (Remaining silent and keeping political views to yourself could literally be a life saving decision in such a circumstance, yeah?) Could a licensed physician, nurse, attendant, etc. decide themselves that for the safety of society the CANCEL CULTURE PHILOSOPHY OF THE LEFT be utilized for CONSERVATIVE PATIENTS? Does a medical certificate carry any more of an assurance for political trust and confidence than a law degree? Or being elected “by the public”? What the hell does that mean now? A split system with everything to be read for desired information printed like those bilingual tool equipment instruction manuals, one side in English, flip it over, the other side in “whatever”. Same on a political qualification: listings for “conservative products, consumables, services, etc”, flip it over and the same book reveals a different listing for “Democrats, Leftists, Socialists, Communists, Marxists anarchists, …. all the way down to just plain no nothing idiots wanting free stuff without any sincere work or effort …” Sorry, just blah blah blahing out loud. Need to get outside for some physical work – that has always helped….thank you all for your wonderful and encouraging dedication to a FREE AMERICA!! Lew

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