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Sick of Progressive – Socialist – Leftists?

Yup, here we go again!

Now help yourself, family and friends …



(Do I look better in a cheer leading/mascot outfit with, or without, the flashing red,white & blue LED fiber optic pom-poms with fog effect?


My best to you and yours, Lew

PS (of course)

We made it through OBAMA

Dodged that HR Clinton

Let’s send another real strong message


GOD BLESS AMERICA and all her PATRIOTS who have, do, and will – keep her SAFE AND FREE!

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BS7 NOW, 100% OF GROUNDWATER PUMPING ALSO lost, somewhere? “Paging Dr. Kampa. Paging Dr. Kampa, please pick up the emergency pho……”

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Sorry if the forthcoming medical illustration is upsetting. Believe it or not, I really toned it down considerably as my original concept was much more graphic, or, shall we say, … yucky!

Of course the concept of a designated perpetual patient isn’t a pleasant thought either….yeah?

“MR WECs?”, she initially questioned without thought THEN – with an electric shock realization appreciated the significance of the words ringing in her ears. How could such a simple sounding visitor request for patient room direction make her tremble and shake like she was? The answer arrived before the question concluded, because it wasn’t a simple request at all as it concerned a name that was rarely spoken unless “THE OTHERS” arrived for, whatever happens in that area of the facility. A name that never received a visitor, at least through the public entrance since she had started working.

She quickly recovered from the momentary failure and in an almost trance like conditioned response, said “oh yes, MR WECs, of course, MR WECs, yes, yes, they are right down there”, and while simultaneously pointing with a clear and directing extended arm and shaking index finger down a dark hallway vanished near the hallway intersection corner bright red fire extinguisher.

A very wide, polished but vacant hallway devoid of windows, doors, sitting benches, chairs, just a long straight quarter mile slow downhill hike into the darkness, slowly fading out of sight. With each apprehensive step only greeted with an ever darkening environment courtesy of the fluttering, spider web wrapped, ceiling illumination.

Oh yeah,….and the fluorescent lights hummed too! lol

Very windy today – AND NOW. Seems every time I go out with the idea of taking OUR AMERICAN FLAG down, wind lets up. OK, back inside and, of course, wind increases. Must admit I like it waving in a breeze, but not in these near hurricane gusts sometimes. Maybe some more rain. Don’t know. Have a couple of projects I want to jump into with LAME but need to finish this Feb 20 2019 BOD meeting.

Another Proposition 218 to raise our rates, again? After what this GM & HIS BOARD DID WITH OUR OVER ONE MILLION ALREADY? The gall.

Disappointing it is to realize some of the most dangerous enemies of our COUNTRY’S FREEDOM AND SYSTEM OF LAW are fellow citizen neighbors who are dynamic parts of this PROGRESSIVE -SOCIALIST – LEFT ACTIVIST crap. Even if they may claim to be unaware of their participation. Just look at what they do. Intentionally violate the law in service to other interests.

Ignoring established regulations and law as public officials when “believing” the law is wrong or socially inadequate – for whatever misguided or convoluted theory of activism they may practice. Sorry, that’s more like some kind of spy or something.

Creating their own opportunity to “enter the system” and sabotage the proper functioning of a local government public service to the interests they believe more deserving than the MR WECs of the LDP subdivision.

Subversion. Good thing I’m not in charge. They’d be playing a game a little different than their Sneaky Pete Activism now, it would be called the “PICK ANOTHER PLACE AND GO ACTIVATE TRAITOR!”

Viewers, think about it. Our USA has plenty of people from all over the world who would love to live and participate within our system of law and justice used to protect our vast freedoms.

?ho would you rather have as a neighbor, someone concerned about our mutual concerns and interests as MERCED RIVER WATER ENTITLED CUSTOMERS of the Lake Don Pedro subdivision, or someone who participated in one of the biggest deceptions by a Board of Directors in the history of this district which will needlessly again increase the cost of water service due to a subsidized groundwater substitution program for LAFCO ANNEXATIONS outside our WL11395 entitled subdivision?

These, “I know what’s best” bullshit people who justify their actions of betrayal with more crap about their sincere service to the public they arrogantly and repeatedly ignore. They believe old established laws and regulations by legislators and attorneys in Sacramento who have no a clue about the needs and rights of the people here in Lake Don Pedro should be ignored and violated “in the name of the people!” they cheer.

But wait, what people are benefiting from this “activist activity” of intentionally violating water regulations? Those receiving Subsidized Groundwater Substitution and Kampa & Kompany intend on proving service to thousands of LAFCO ANNEXATIONS. Sorry, they are frauds. A public official who refuses to simply contact the appropriate state authorities to confirm applicability of major changes to historical operation is not doing a very responsible job. And that is only one example.

WAIT! Hear that? Sounds like an old time radio broadcast……

“And thanks to the excellent “PT SCAM” training system” [that’s the PETE KAMPA SNEAKY CHEAT ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT training system, I’m smarter than the people who made these stupid poo poo water restrictions in the water license anyway, so I can ignore them!”

YUP, the PT SCAM system. Excellent shady management and various other services all compliments of the Pete Kampa family network of Social Water Activists, Kampa Community Solutions, llc, KAMPACS, KCS, the California Special Districts Association (CSDA), all its members, affiliates, similar sounding organizations feeding on the same hosts, FAKE MAPS INC., Grants R US, whatever. It’s all bullshit when they say one thing and do exactly the opposite!

Pretty amazing, huh? Being paid (receive a stipend, plus whatever?) to perform a duty they took an oath to faithfully perform, and then intentionally refusing to EASILY SEEK TRUTH AND FACT TO SUPPORT MAJOR DECISIONS CONTRARY TO THE INTERESTS OF THE CITIZEN CUSTOMERS THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT – ALL IN FAVOR OF THE “ELITE SPECIAL INTERESTS” THAT ARE APPARENTLY ABOVE THE LAW?   A LAFCO APPROVED PROPOSED 900 ACRE RESIDENTIAL SUBDIVISION CONCEALED FROM THE PUBLIC FOR OVER TWENTY YEARS UNTIL JUST BEFORE PETE KAMPA RETURNS IN OCTOBER 2014?  Oh please.  That takes co-ordination with all sorts of government entities.




Think I’m going to find that old album after posting.

Yup, compensated by the very entity and customers they oppose and betray. Open national borders and open service district boundaries represent similar dangers, same principles, only on a much more limited scale.

This is wrong and must stop before such PSLAs (PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST – LEFT ACTIVISTS) destroy this entire nation in pursuit of their self serving, unethical, and ANTI USA goals and objectives.

Pooped again. later.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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Certainly not the Board of Defectors or State Attorney General!

Seems like a good question though. Who inspects the work of a GM and Board that intentionally provided false information in the form of fabricated government documents (including a FAKE POU MAP created with a $35,000 digital mapping project approved by BOD to “answer the Water License Place of Use question once and for all” – lol) to the State Water Board in answer to a NOTICE OF VIOLATION of WATER RIGHTS?

(Not the Attorney General – he sure doesn’t care – only advises obtaining an attorney and playing a lawsuit game to the poor house. (IF YOU CAN EVEN FIND AN ADEQUATE ATTORNEY WITHOUT A “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” WITH ANY ONE OF THE MANY HEAVY HITTERS IN THIS FOOTHILL WATER SCAM SPANNING DECADES.)

Why DOESN’T THE AG CARE? Because such ANTI- United STATES OF AMERICA activities are encouraged by State officials who are also PROGRESSIVE – SOCIALIST – LEFT leaning activists who refuse to obey the law or do their jobs in favor of PERSONAL, BUSINESS, or POLITICAL ACTIVITIES in furtherance of their overall objective of destroying this country’s system of law and justice because “they” believe it wrong and unjust – concerning THEIR OWN SPECIAL INTERESTS NATURALLY!


Who created the sanctuary state law? A Califusion politician successfully protecting his own illegal immigrant family members from deportation. Using power of the state for his own personal interests – not by an affirmative vote by taxpayers stuck with funding this massively expensive perpetual give away nonsense to people simply not entitled and who will drain the system like a leaking water tank.

OPEN BORDERS = providing citizen benefits to those not legally entitled by way of citizenship, OR, LAFCOs expanding district boundaries beyond district’s legal ability to provide service = and forcing entitled customers to pay for expensive special benefit groundwater substitution services to land developers the district owes no legal duty or moral obligation to provide any service at all!

SAME FRIGG ‘N THING! Just a smaller scale. That’s why the “authorities”‘ in our current state of “Califusion” refuse to act. That’s why our bored of defectors refuse to obey the law. They cannot enforce reasonable and legally established law without feeling they are betraying their misguided special interest sense of social justice activism. They will simply give public funds and resources to whomever they believe deserving and to hell with the law! Simple as that – oh, and the CSDA backing them up, of course.

Johnson said he had been on the board for 5 years? At a minimum, 12 meetings a year (and there are more than that) @ $100/meeting = $1,200, for five years? I figure Johnson and Emery Ross alone owe customers $6,000 each for representing interests other than those of the 99% legal customers of the subdivision. That’s $12,000 minimum. (But still only drops in a massively leaking bucket compared to what they have wasted in time and GIFTED IN PUBLIC RESOURCES pursing their “WATER SERVICE ACTIVISM” for Lake Don Pedro special interests.

Then there’s the other directors who routinely accept that $100/meeting “stipend” who also fail to represent the primary legal customer rights as a MR WECs (Merced River Water Entitled Customer of the LDP subdivision).

Wonder how many CSDA junkets and multi day seminars they may have taken? (Kampa has offered these incentives a few times) That’s a good deal – get educated “out of town” on how to better screw the ratepayers back home while fine dining and relaxing with the movers and shakers within the powerful and influential California Special Districts Association – like 20 year board member and money maker Peter J. Kampa! Wow! Must be so exciting – I mean, to be dining elbow to elbow next to such a successful WL11395 chronic liar and LAFCO ANNEXATION broker/specialist. What a pathetic continuing scam that only get worse with each passing day.

Almost done with this most recent RIDICULOUSLY DISHONEST LDPCSD “bored meeting” on how to RAISE WATER RATES AGAIN but I have a friend who is far more deserving of my time right now who needs little TLC. (more on that later).

<insert video>

My best to you and yours, Lew

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Yes, I am a bit embarrassed with these video clips of my chronic harping at meetings, but then again not. There is NO WAY they can later say they were unaware of the incorrect information they were using to pursue their special interest agenda with pubic funds and grant money, while intentionally increasing expenses to knock on MR WECs door now with another PROPOSITION 218 RATE INCREASE in the name of community good.

They have attorneys, engineers, government officials, CSDA (California Special District Association) consultants, operatives, agents, legislative barflies, whatever, constantly working to “deflect the truth” while pretending to do public good – which is just the opposite!

I have this website. Clearly not an even match. Ahhhhh, but like I just heard from a brilliant young black woman on television (below), the truth is on our side. And just as my faith may be severely tested at times, or I take my blessings for granted, it remains true and I am confident. Not professional. But sincere and confident I am fighting a good fight for my country. With that said….

I believe the following video is one of the longest. Sorry. YouTube relaxed the limit of <15 minutes and due to the uploading times involved it is just easier to put selected clips together in one file and then upload that file during the night. Allowing the computer to chug along at its own slow pace while I slept is much easier than trying to multi-task while computer is busy with such a massive upload – slows everything down.

The LDPCSD Board of Directors for years has actively denied the truth regarding water service restrictions contained in water license 11395 which the district has used to pump Merced River water from Lake McClure since 1980 formation. They prefer to misrepresent the truth and even attempted their own “re-write of history” by creating their own FAKE POU MAP contrary to the long established WL11395 map on file with the SWRCB (State Water Resources Control Board), all in an effort to obtain what they want and believe to be fair – not what is fair to the far majority of customers who are entitled to water service according to past legal decisions.


The primary audience for years since their self proclaimed “saving of the district” (through development of three EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE GROUNDWATER WELLS WITH GOVERNMENT GRANTS), has been three former CSD directors, who faithfully served this community. What I observed (as one of those faithful servants) was the board’s diversion away from truthful fact as the basis for their decisions to a complete reliance upon the self serving “interpretations” by a former rogue employee. A rogue employee who returned to the LDPCSD far more dangerous with his own company and a 20 year influential Board Director relationship with the powerful not for profit lobbying organization, the CSDA (California Special District’s Association).

LOOK WHAT HAS BEEN DONE: A surface water treatment plant operating under water license 11395 designed and legally permitted to serve the subdivision was reconfigured into a special interest groundwater substitution facility paid for with pubic funds obtained from thousands of innocent victim subdivision property owners. This facility transformation was required to continue and expand that special benefit groundwater substitution service in order to develop LAFCO ANNEXED PROPERTIES to which our district has no legal duty or moral obligation to provide water.

Geez, that doesn’t sound right, does it? LOCAL GOVERNMENT IS SELECTIVELY FORCING A COMMON INTEREST DEVELOPMENT GROUP OF PRIVATE CITIZEN PROPERTY OWNERS (MR WECs of the LDP subdivision for short title), TO SUBSIDIZE AN EXPENSIVE SPECIAL BENEFIT GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION REPLACEMENT PROGRAM to maintain compliance with operative water license 11395 use restrictions that MR WECs DOES NOT UTILIZE OR REQUIRE, because that district could not legally provide that only water source (11395)?

A program specifically designed to provide special benefit water service to owners of LOCAL GOVERNMENT ANNEXED PROPERTIES in a special district LOCAL GOVERNMENT created itself? Sounds self serving, yeah?

(Do you feel like I have placed toothpicks to hold your eyelids open under a bright light as I repeat the same thing over, and over, and over, blah, blah, blah….? lol)

BUT THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! A special district (LDPCSD) LAFCO CREATED in 1980 that could not legally provide the only water source it possessed UNDER WATER LICENSE 11395 to properties LAFCO CONTINUED TO ANNEX to LDPCSD boundaries.

Seriously, who created and perpetuated this nightmare of frustration and citizen unrest on both sides of the equation for decades?

This transformation of our water plant was accomplished through the professional efforts of their commanding GM, Peter J Kampa and his Kampa Community Solutions, llc, KAMPACS, or KCS, whatever you may prefer to call his blatant “special interest” special district management company.

No two ways about it, when Kampa worked for the LDPCSD between 1994-1997 he was a rogue employee operating far outside the limits and scope of his assigned duties. Without board direction or approval Kampa attempted to unilaterally “broker a number of annexation deals” with both Tuolumne and Mariposa counties on behalf of private party land owners. He even made up a district plan to usurp our open natural parks build community centers and such. Big, big, Kampa plans. (Who was he really working for then, or now?) When his activities were discovered the board of directors at that time required Kampa to provide letters of apology to those he had attempted to pressure into quietly approving his proposed special interest annexations into the LDPCSD.

Kampa left shortly after heading for McCloud CSD up north and once again displayed where his allegiance lies concerning water matters – always with the special interests- that time, the Nestles Corporation. Good ‘ol Pete assisted in drafting a contract so egregious to that community the State Attorney General at the time, former Governor Jerry Brown, required a complete redrafting under threat of lawsuit because the agreement was so one sided in favor of Nestles. Kampa has a clear track record – which was precisely why directors on the board in 2014 orchestrated a highly unethical closed recruitment process to guarantee Kampa would be the GM/Treasurer with access to over ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN CASH OUR DISTRICT SAVED DUE TO PASSAGE OF THE LAST PROPOSITION 218 RAISING CUSTOMERS RATES TO AVOID BANKRUPTCY.

A NEAR BANKRUPTCY I MIGHT REMIND YOU due to OBVIOUS SPECIAL INTEREST CATERING TO THIRD PARTY DEVELOPERS LOOKING TO EXPLOIT OUR LIMITED RESOURCES FOR GREATER PROFITS. And so it continues on into 2019 with the Board’s clear intention of raising rates again on the MR WECs of the LDP Subdivision who have already been victimized since the LDPCSD was formed by two county LAFCOs in August 1980.

Oh yeah….is it truly any surprise-

(in this SOCIALIST-LEFT POLITICALLY DOMINATED CURRENT STATE OF CALIFUSION- once again, I refuse to use the term DEMOCRAT despite the clear involvement of that party’s name in such corruption, because there are many patriots from that side that also do not agree with such ANTI-US GOVERNMENT ACTIVITIES. Every time I start to write something about …. “THOSE DEMOCRATS”, I think of my friends who are DEMOCRAT that I know love, respect and believe in this country and our system of law – of course despite specific areas they may believe require change or improvement. They previous joined a party they believed represented their interests and could achieve specific goals but that party has changed dramatically. But I digress…..)

– that the major issue, the primary stumbling block, the obvious factor that created decades of nightmarish district dysfunction, community turmoil, decreased subdivision property values, arson of the CSD Administration Office, burglaries, property destruction, vandalism, fabrication of government documents, politics of personal destruction, misappropriation of government funds, special interest catering over the rights of customers, etc. can be summarized with three easy to understand facts: (ready? stop and think about it – we will be going over this again – right?

and again – right?

and again – lol)

  1. County LAFCOs (Local Agency Formation Commissions) of both TUOLUMNE and MARIPOSA formed the LAKE DON PEDRO COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT (LDPCSD) in August 1980 with the later being the “lead agency” due to the majority of facilities and infrastructure in that county. (BONUS: 88 people voted to change the SIERRA HIGHLANDS WATER COMPANY into the LDPCSD and encumbered thousands of property owners as MANDATORY LDPCSD CUSTOMERS due to PROPERTY OWNER ASSOCIATION (POA) CC&Rs (Covenants, Codes and Restrictions) prohibiting individual domestic well development on those properties. Made sense, right? Same with sewer services for lots not geologically suitable for individual private disposal systems – thus another county scam – the Don Pedro Waste Water Facility quietly used to also dispose of the county’s toxic leachate from the land disposal site. But I digress….) OK so LAFCOs formed the LDPCSD.
  2. LDPCSD was created and utilized to surreptitiously (quietly-secretly) force thousands of LAKE DON PEDRO subdivision property owners, I call them MR WECs (Merced River Water Entitled Customers) of the LDP subdivision, to subsidize an EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE SPECIAL BENEFIT GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM FOR OWNERS OF PROPERTY LEGALLY PROHIBITED FROM RECEIVING THE MERCED RIVER WATER SERVICE UNDER WATER LICENSE 11395. Think about it, how could that detailed 1987 Mariposa County LAFCO commissioned SOI (Sphere of Influence) STUDY REPORT – used as the legal basis to greatly expand LDPCSD water service boundaries by thousands of acres outside the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) January 1981 decision as to what that service area would be when transferring Sierra’s Facilities and Assets to the newly formed LDPCSD, without mention of STATE WATER LICENSE 11395 which was the ONLY SOURCE OF WATER THE DISTRICT HAD TO PROVIDE?   (State maximum availability charge of $10 also increased to $60 specifically for Lake Don Pedro situation – so even absentee vacant lot owners were subsidizing growth outside the legal water service area.)

LAFCO creates a district made up of thousands of mandatory customers in the subdivision. Then expands that district’s water service boundaries far beyond where it could legally provide it’s only source of water. The designed answer to the problem? Expensive groundwater wells to develop an “ALTERNATE SOURCE WATER” with which to replace the water INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED TO ILLEGALLY LEAVE THE SUBDIVISION FROM THE START! All paid for by MR WECs who does not require groundwater substitution for their “entitled” (already paid for) Merced River Water service. WHY MUST WE CONSUME AN INFERIOR “BLENDED WATER” WHEN ENTITLED TO THE QUALITY MERCED RIVER WATER FROM YOSEMITE STORED IN LAKE McCLURE? All seems pretty self-serving for the government – OOPS! Almost forgot……SOCIALIST-LEFT RULED CALIFUSION!

Sure makes one wonder about this whole corrupt system. Kampa is certainly working for something other than the customers benefit. I am starting to wake up to the realization that his precious CSDA (California Special Districts Association) may be as bad as he is. Why else would they have maintained such a long relationship? Chicken or the egg? Who is the teacher, who’s the student? What are the Socialist-left organizations working for and with the STATE OF CALIFUSION to push their political agenda? I don’t know and have nothing against folks from other countries coming here and making a life for themselves so long as they obey the same laws home-grown citizens do, but I digress.

Yesterday I was “multi-tasking” on the computer by simultaneously writing a post, downloading a video production for uploading, and uploading another video production to Youtube for presentation on OAN was on the television in the other room and once again I heard a female voice I did not recognize say something with which I could not more totally agree. Who was that woman? Jumped up ran into the other room and ran the DVR back…..

(SIDENOTE: Please, please, please….. check out OAN, ONE AMERICA NEWS network, it is a breath of fresh air when it comes to “news”. What I particularly enjoy and appreciate, are the amazing history lessons of our country and what has truly made it so great – instead of typical “brain dead” commercials. You know, when you think about it, many of us “born-here American Citizens” probably know (or recall) less about our country’s history than what the LEGAL IMMIGRANTS know, who have studied and passed citizenship requirements before joining our beautifully diverse country and CONTRIBUTING IN WAYS THAT CONTINUE TO MAKE US THE MOST FREEDOM LOVING COUNTRY ON THIS PLANET. Probably be good for all “home-growns” to refresh our memories and learn new interesting facts!

Sure, that’s normal I would imagine…. you know, taking things for granted, but the point is, the OAN Network is a positive influence while simultaneously reporting truthful news – good and bad – that is happening around the world. Recently I’ve conducted my own little experiment. I’ll be watching OAN report on some major current event and will switch over to CNN to check out their coverage…… usually just more negative bad mouth suppositions about Trump. Trump this, Trump that, everything bad is a result of Trump…….LOOK! So TYPICAL with the SOCIALIST-LEFT MEDIA —- truth of the matter is exactly the opposite! lol

Anyway, check out OAN sometime, I don’t think you will regret the exposure.)

SO, anyway, I hear this female voice saying if you are not part of the POLITICAL LEFT they will actively attempt to personally destroy you because they do not want to talk about, or even hear the truth. Boy did that resonate with me regarding my four years on the LDPCSD Board of Directors. Nothing but special interest demands for more service outside the legal POU – reduce charges for land developers, disgusting. Anyway, you probably guessed … the DVR! Ran the DVR back to catch her entire speech. Her name is Candace Owens and I will be attentively listening for that name again, because she makes sense and I want to hear more of what she has to say.

This is especially so because she is an intelligent black woman who was previously from that PROGRESSIVE – SOCIALIST – LEFT side before “CONVERSION” lol. She explained how what she previously believed to be the party to sincerely represent her interests was exactly the opposite and they attempted to destroy her for recognizing the party’s hypocrisy and intentional failure-refusal to discuss and address problems. What is more she discovered her former party was actually creating and feeding on many of the problems.


MR WECs (Merced River Water Entitled Customers) of the Lake Don Pedro residential subdivision who WITHOUT A DOUBT ARE THE INTENDED AND LEGAL WATER ENTITLED CUSTOMERS have been victims of a PROGRESSIVE – SOCIALIST – LEFT program to RE-DISTRIBUTE AN EXTREMELY VALUABLE AND CONTROLLED RESOURCE – to the benefit of, and this is also typical of such SOCIALIST-LEFT garbage – the elite who feel they are more deserving than the common citizen.

This is why the board refuses to “do the right thing” – they simply can’t. It is against the way they decided to run this district – as of course directed by a professional manager. This is why such people NEVER WANT TO DISCUSS FACTS – OR LOGIC, but only things that will further muddy the waters with their self-serving perverted concepts of “public service”, “for the community”,and “for the people” garbage which is only more camouflage for their self-serving use of public funds and resources. Again, exactly the opposite!

SO? GO TO THE AUTHORITIES! And what is the government response to a request for a serious investigation and discussion regarding this ongoing corruption of a local public agency in their jurisdiction?

They prohibit access to public records and advise you to get an attorney! Now if that isn’t a clue, I do not know what is!

A local county government refusing to disclose their own records regarding how the LDPCSD was setup…and for what purpose when conflicting documents are questioned? A proposed 900 acre residential subdivision concealed from public view for over 20 years by the very LAFCO that supposedly annexed it in 1995 when Kampa was first employed and working his annexation scam?

Think I’ve discovered enough already – LAFCOs own operating resolution created four years before the LDPCSD was formed indicates they were WAY OFF BASE WITH ALL THE SPECIAL INTEREST ANNEXATIONS THEY WERE PROCESSING – MANY MAKING NO SENSE AT ALL AND IN VIOLATION OF EXISTING STATE LAW….

OOPS! Almost forgot, that was the plan all along.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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BS 4 all MR WECs

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Yup, BS for all MR WECs. This title by no means refers to our new Engineer or Construction Company as they (hopefully) are not active participants in this continuing fraud against MR WECs perpetrated by Kampa & Kompany.

These folks and their companies have been contracted with to do a job and that is fine – but do they know our history and issues with water license 11395? Are they aware of how PETER J KAMPA has for 20 years misrepresented that issue in order to provide water service to LAFCO ANNEXATIONS he personally pushed through during his first tour of employment with the LDPCSD in the mid 1990s as a rogue employee?

Are they awe struck working with a real life PROFESSIONAL BOARD DIRECTOR of 20 years from the POWERFULLY INFLUENTIAL NOT FOR PROFIT LOBBYIST ORGANIZATION called the CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICTS ASSOCIATION (CSDA) which has operatives all over the state?


Yes, I know. Childish name calling….but it is so frustrating to have someone like him make us all pay more for our water service only to be further deceived and cheated again! Another PROP 218 rate increase to cover their absolute wasteful use of our limited resources already?

You know, I would support this rate increase in a heartbeat if it truly meant stopping this outrageous water loss/theft, but only if other major issues are resolved….

STOP EXPANDING EXPENSIVE GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION TO PROPERTIES OUTSIDE THE LEGAL WATER LICENSE PLACE OF USE RESIDENTIAL SUBDIVISION! $400,000 – $500,000 each for groundwater wells to supply a subsidized special benefit to property owners our district has no legal duty or moral obligation to provide water service to in the first place is called a



THE GIFTING OF PUBLIC FUNDS and RESOURCES TO PRIVATE LAND DEVELOPER AND REAL ESTATE INTERESTS! Which, unless a new law has been approved in Sacramento legalizing such activity, use to be illegal – public funds should be used for public benefit.

Also, consider we still do not know what is going on with that STATE WATER BOARD NOTICE OF VIOLATION, however, I seriously wonder if that will just be forgotten and covered up just like everything else KAMPA & KOMPANY does.


Who then decided based on that unilateral continuation of an incorrect information stream decided KAMPA’S PRESENTATION WAS LEGITIMATE AND CORRECT and accepted KAMPA’s FAKE PLACE OF USE BOUNDARY and determined there likely was never a violation of Water Rights in the first place, and KAMPA could subtract HIGH CONSUMPTION PROPERTIES from the WATER LICENSE COMPLIANCE REPORT?

Did I tell you I have had to make some major modifications regarding storage space for all these LDPCSD audio/video files? Yes a pain in the posterior, but worth it, if not now, later.

Anyway, I ran across that meeting video while computer housekeeping. Just as it did when I first learned of his situation, it still bothers me that new employee may be innocent of any “collusion” with KAMPA & KOMPANY and innocently duped into co-operating with Kampa’s clever attempted closure of the investigation. There is much more to this story that I really want to post but due to the glacial speed of “hopeful” serious correction, should probably wait a while longer. But it’s good stuff – trust me.

WELCOME TO WHAT LOOKS LIKE some form of “DEEP STATE ACTORS 101”. FORMULA: Get a good government job with some authority and power in a career you’re interested in and if you don’t agree with something for personal/business/political/ etc reasons, just sabotage the established legal process, insert your own opinion, and be proud you made a difference in the surreptitious war against the United States of America and our system of law and justice – all the while collecting that EVIL COUNTRY’S REIMBURSEMENT FOR HONEST WORK NOT DONE!  Getting paid to destroy your employer!  What a racket.

Yup, just because they are both European educated and came to the US to work in the water industry here in California doesn’t mean Kampa and Feldhaus necessarily knew each other or were close friends or anything like that. Maybe they know some of the same people, maybe not. Heck it’s a big world after all, yeah? Coincidences are all over the place – even Twain Hart and McCloud CSD shared some of the same employees besides Kampa. Look at McCloud and the Nestles contract Kampa worked for them up there….certainly doesn’t mean Kampa was on their payroll as some of the folks believed, or had a secret Swiss bank account tucked away for payola. Just guessing, supposition, wild allegations, etc., right?

Anyway, after this RATE INCREASE TALK I thought another stroll down “memory lane” might be appropriate and worthwhile regarding why we (MR WECs) are again going to be called on to cough up more money for KAMPA & KOMPANY deceit and negligence.

Here are e The next post will have excerpts from that meeting where I could not hold my tongue while listening to the absolute disinformation Kampa and the Board spew. Not attending those monthly CSD Board meetings any more was one of the best things I’ve done in a long time. Heck just listening to the CD recordings is frustrating enough hearing the same crap time and time again.

Every meeting GM report is the same – often with “Sandbagged Information” which I do not receive with the CD recording so I am not technically aware of everything that transpired. Doesn’t matter. They will continue to do what they want one way or another. They are married to a documented paper, audio and video trail of their activities. Pete is always so busy working for our district he can’t seem to get the water loss report and other information to meetings. I would imagine it is pretty hectic juggling multiple special district management accounts at the same time while knowing he has provided false information to the State of California in an attempt to justify his LDPCSD activities regarding 11395.

WEll, I’m not proud of it but here are those meeting comments (and my voluntary decision to leave that meeting. Yup, I was so frustrated and busy writing to the STATE WATER BOARD (and others) back then I forgot all about this video.

Oh yeah, you might recall the state agreed to take another look at this situation but we still don’t know what is going on…..that’s 8 months ago now.

Raising MR WECS water rates bothers me greatly because this SPECIAL INTEREST MACHINE NEVER STOPS….there is always some consultant, attorney, CSDA operative, whatever involved and working for Kampa & Kompany and the whole time being paid with public funds MR WECs (Merced RIver Water Entitled Customers) provides.

NEXT POST….that June video about the near secret closure of the investigation. I’m bushed.

My best to you and yours, Lew

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The continuing dishonesty and blatant lack of accountability by the board of directors and their GM/TREASURER, managing supervisor/boss/handler, whatever, Peter Kampa, backed by his KAMPA COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS llc, or KAMPACS, or KCS, or, whatever, special district management company, along with his CSDA (California Special Districts Association) and various members, affiliates, partners, friends, soldiers, comrades, whatever, is quite interesting, although certainly appearing far more dangerous than I could have ever imagined.

What have all these “supporters of special districts” really brought to Lake Don Pedro and the legitimate residential subdivision development between two counties that successfully maneuvered through the intricacies of permits, approvals, FINAL SUBDIVISION MAP ACT regulations, whatever, and were legally approved through local, state and federal entities as a COMMON INTEREST DEVELOPMENT, PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION and entitled to MERCED RIVER WATER under STATE WATER LICENSE 11395?  

Oh yeah. Big help. Look at us. The most precious resource you could possibly imagine for this foothill region with who knows how many unknown pr documented diversions. Massive water losses for decades of both treated and raw water. Services sold outside clear legal place of use per water license restrictions. Special interest influences on local board of directors. Complete dismissal of state water license restrictions by two county LAFCOs. An unorganized community with a large absentee base. Utility thefts and mismanagement for many years. Who was looking out for the property owners? Their POA that started this mess? No. Some way to protect such a blessing, yeah? Especially since…..


Perhaps you’ve heard that somewhere? Well, it especially applies to OUR COUNTRY because WE are being INVADED and ATTACKED FROM WITHIN by THOSE WHO USE POSITIONS OF PUBLIC TRUST to fulfill their own personal/business/political agenda while simultaneously utilizing our limited public resources to do so. Essentially, agreeing to serve he public as a district official who then refuses to represent the primary customers responsible for paying the bills and WHO HAPPEN TO BE THE LEGALLY ENTITLED USERS OF MERCED RIVER WATER UNDER WL11395 – thousands of them betrayed by directors who handed our public agency over to a former disgruntled rogue employee brokering annexation deals on the side without board approval. Wonderful.

Welcome to crooked California special district politics and systematic abuse of public resources for private special interest benefit and gain.

THIS FOOTHILL WATER SCAM has ear markings of long time fraud, criminal conspiracy, local and state agency corruption, a particular political party ruling hypocrisy, socialist-left motivated activities, whatever, all designating the MR WECs (Merced River Water Entitled Customers of the Lake Don Pedro subdivision) as mandatory FINANCIAL CHUMPS FOR PERPETUTIY – or at least until they give up, sell their subdivision lot, home, dreams and just leave, which still “feeds those responsible” for this mess in the local real estate/land development game.

Think about it, this is quite an elaborate scam when you consider the decades it has been pursued with on again, off again, results for original creators and those who inherited the continuing water scam agenda for foothill development.   Then think about it in the terms of the expert business camouflage complete with otherwise legitimate and ethical looking organizations…which of course may indeed be just that, however, with board directors like Pete Kampa and his background at their table for 20 years, one can only wonder… such unethical behavior of Kampa’s condoned and accepted? Did Kampa bring that to the table, or was he tauaght by other pros at the CSDA? California Speical District Association of what?

Yes, all looks bad but when I heard Board President Danny Johnson laugh at the concept of a 300% water rate increase for the LDPCSD saying it would “BE NICE”—

I immediately thought —What?

Nice for your already victimized legal customers whom you have betrayed for years with your outside water license expansion plans for Kampa’s 1990s LAFCO ANNEXATIONS?   or,

NICE for a board that has used public agency resources and government grants to create a GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION PROGRAM to circumvent WL11395 and serve EVEN MORE water outside the legal subdivision? Yeah, real nice, but does seem to adequately reflect the concern he has displayed for the MR WECs (Merced River Water Entitled Customers – of the Lake Don Pedro residential subdivision) who pay the lion’s share of the bills.

But just like so mmuch of this …….Socialist-leftist garbage going on now  (NOT GOING TO SAY DEMOCRAT – THERE ARE TOO MANY FROM THAT SIDE WHO ALSO DO NOT SUPPORT SUCH CORRUPTION OF PUBLIC SERVICE EITHER) they assume positions of public trust only to pervert and use that position for their own personal/political/business/whatever goals which are obviously contrary to existing law. 

So what do they do?  They intentionally violate the law for what they believe is for “the public good” or “in the name of the people”, “what is fair and just”, whatever.  

They cost this country dearly in many ways.  You know?  Like the “deep state” actors we hear about on the news in very high ranking positions. What’s the difference? Cost us more money on all levels for such intentional refusal to obey the law and perform their duties with integrity.   Pretty simple concept.  Get the job, take the money for doing the job, then don’t do the job it in the name of your cause….in fact, work against the very thing you were hired to do because they know better than the law!  It’s all a scam! And when they place their hands over their lying hearts and take that Oath I want to vomit. No integrity at all. Users and frauds of sincere public employees.


What unmitigated gall. The arrogance of these self designated water law experts to unilaterally correct the STATE WATER BOARD on a decsion not only made forty years ago, but that has withstood multiple challenges.

Laughing off and ignoring easy to ascertain facts, public suggestions, requests, even pleas to simply contact the STATE WATER BOARD for legitimate water license information instead of listening to a documented former rogue employee with a special interest in outside POU water expansions to LAFCO ANNEXATIONS he set up 20 years earlier. (NOw I know I mentioned this earlier…..must stop doing these spelling checks….always end up adding something and writing more, and repeating more! lol)

What have KAMPA & Kompany been doing since 2014?   Catering to the special interest land developers who have schemed for decades to get more groundwater substitution for their development projects outside the legal subdivision!   Yup, professional CSDA SERVICES PROVIDED BY A ROGUE  FORMER EMPLOYEE.  Brokering “deals on the side” while simultaneously misrepresenting our districts position to other government entities!   

Who was KAMPA ACTUALLY WORKING FOR BACK THEN WHEN SETTING UP ALL THESE ANNEXATIONS WITHOUT AVAILABLE WATER AND IN VIOLATION OF LAFCOs OWN OPERATING GUIDELINES?  Was he quietly working for the two county LAFCOs?  Land developers with competing residential developments?  Project consultants?  Or LAFCOs to clear up their decades of surreptitious violation of their own regulations while creating a foothill water empire for further tax revenue?

Then again, does it really matter?  But why appoint him GM/Treasurer and give him our over ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN CASH without even looking at his employment history?  Especially right here at the LDPCSD?  Wouldn’t that be prudent?  Responsible?   Guess they already knew what they were getting. Emery Ross sure did when he called Kampa with confidential information so Kampa could show up at the next meeting with a management contract ready for board approval before public announcement of a GM position opening! Done and done. KAMPA WAS BACK FOR MORE CORRUPTION AND SECRET DEALINGS.

The main point is, back then as well as now, KAMPA is certainly not working for the vast majority of legal customers who pay the bills, but rather only a very small minority of land owners wanting water to make money.  Simple equation.)

THEY DIDN’T WANT SUBDIVISION LAND WITH WATER, but ONLY SUBDIVISION WATER ON THEIR LAND – and without all the subdivison rules and regulations attached to their property title!

Perfect example of what is happening across this entire country (but especially here in California) thanks to the extreme socialist-left influence (I refuse to use the term DEMOCRAT as there are far too many DEMOCRATS who also do not agree or support such ANTI-AMERICAN BULLSHIT VIOALTION OF LAW AND CONTINUED MISAPPROPRIATION OF OUR ALREADY LIMITED PUBLIC RESOURCES FOR PRIVATE FINANCIAL BENEFIT AND GAIN.   It’s illegal, unethical, and costly to MR WECs and all citizens of this country. But these cheats don’t care about America or the law only what they can scam and get away with and they obviously feel pretty damn comfortable with the professional liar like Pete Kampa.      

Then there is the whole rationale for creation of a SPECIAL DISTRICT in the form of a COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT in the first place:

  1. A limited public service,
  2. to a particular group of people
  3.  in a geographically defined area, and
  4. Provided for only the cost necessary in production of that service.

#1:  The limited water service to the intended residential subdivision has been expanded through the decades to many other properties outside the legal PLACE OF USE for Merced River water according to water license 11395.  The water has also been used for purposes not contained in the water license.

#2: Again, that particular group of people consisted of the property owners within the residential subdivision whose property designation and use is legally controlled through the California Civil Code as a Davis Sterling Act Common Interest Development (CID) in the form of a POA, (Property Owners Association), which has CC&Rs (Covenants, Codes and Restrictions) attached to property title for perpetuity which also govern how that property will be maintained and for what purposes it may be used in the future.   Many legal strings attached to LDP subdivision properties yet each and every property within this subdivision that was approved by the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) in January 1981 for service, has the right to demand water service any time and that service SHALL BE provided by the district. THEY HAD/HAVE A RIGHT TO THAT MERCED RIVER WATER SERVICE. WHAT IS SO FUCKING DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND? 

Imagine, a traditionally drought prone, fractured rock geologic foothill region with a sprawling near 12,000 acre residential subdivision nestled between two major state reservoirs, many large natural parks scattered about for the future, a golf course, owners Hacienda, etc., and each one of the thousands of CPUC approved lots entitled to quality Merced River water with the legal guarantee of delivery upon demand!  What a deal!   Why isn’t this development not prospering much more than it has?  What happened?  EXPLOITATION BY EVEYONE IMAGINABLE!

That major selling point of quality water availability was simply stolen and used elsewhere for private real estate profit, and increased county revenue and the LAFCOs that formed the district were involved up to their collective eyeballs by INTENTIONALLY CIRCUMVENTING STATE WATER LAW by never even recognizing the license restrictions in a detailed 1987 LAFCO SOI REPORT STUDY to be used in expanding district services EVER FURTHER BEYOND THE WATER LICENSE THAN THEY ALREADY HAD BEFORE EVEN RECEIVING THE FACILITY AND ASSETS FROM THE PRIOR WATER COMPANY IN THE CPUC DECISION!

(Added properties to the service area in August 1980 metes and bounds survey but CPUC didn’t approve transfer until January 1981, effective 30 days later! Plus, the State of California declared the Merced River fully appropriated in July 1980 – what did the LAFCOs due the very next month? Sneak in substantial lands beyond what the State had inventoried as legal places of use for the water. All that takes considerable co-operation between local, state and federal authorities. Surely some were lied to about the facts, but others were obviously “hands on involved” in this massive deception to form a “FOOTHILL WATER EMPIRE” on paper for future development or future development scams?)

The failure to obey regulations has been incredibly damaging to not only property values in the subdivision but positive HONEST GROWTH. (Not the uncontrolled exploitative greed-fed development permitted in the past which created even more problems for the Don Pedro Wastewater Facility operation.)

So once again, the “PARTICULAR GROUP OF PEOPLE” characteristic is blown out of the water as well since owners of property outside the subdivision receive extremely expensive SPECIAL BENEFIT GROUNDWATER SUBSTITUTION to circumvent water license restrictions on Merced River water leaving the subdivision, so with the river water replaced with expensive groundwater… PRESTO!  No violation of the license.  

Same water service, same “blended water”, same price – and MR WECs pays for this subsidized special benefit. 

Why should the 99% of MR WECs be forced to consume “blended water” when entitled to the quality Merced River water stored in Lake McClure because of minority of outside POU users who should never have been provided service?  Ahhhh, because County LAFCOs approved the annexations for added county revenues without the responsibility of providing water necessary for development.  Just let the CHUMPS who purchased Lake Don Pedro subdivision property pay for it!

Consider also, the MERCED RIVER WATER ENTITLED CUSTOMERS (MR WECs) of the subdivision, due to their MANDATORY CUSTOMER STATUS AS A RESULT OF THAT SUBDIVISION PROPERTY OWNERSHIP, have essentially BEEN FORCED TO FINANCE THIS SPECIAL GROUNDWATER REPLACEMENT – which incidentally the LDPCSD has no legal duty or moral obligation to provide in the first place, SINCE LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) FORMED IN AUGUST OF 1980.   

#3:  In a geographically defined area?  Same as above.  The CPUC approved water service area was quite clear – the residential subdivision but services continued to expand beyond the water license POU.

#4:  Groundwater wells to circumvent the water license for  PETE KAMPA LAFCO ANNEXATIONS made 20 years ago at approximately $400,00 – $500,000 each, plus all the state monitoring and testing equipment, reporting, treatment, blending, blah blah, blah…it all costs additional money that MR WECs has been forced to subsidize.  

All the legal work and lawsuits through the years by people demanding water like they owned land in the subdivision!   ALL BULLSHIT, just like the far left-socialist crap now, but hey, we were all young once and had idealistic views and opinions, but changing our country like this? 

Let’s hope someone takes these folks aside and explain how they too are being CHUMPED by those against AMERICAN VALUES!  Perhaps not even their fault, but again, we were all young once.  They had better wake up and realize what they have right now in this GREATEST FREEDOM LOVING COUNTRY THERE IS – BAR NONE!   Yup, way too great of a gamble risking what the rest of the world already wants. 

SO?  Back to Lake Don Pedro…. Abandon my dream of a foothill residency and near three decades of back breaking work in creating the environment so gangs of greedy carpet bagging cheats led by characters like Pete Kampa can make their fortunes on others’ work and dreams?  

Geez, it’s really not the money so much as it is the principle of the matter.   Go somewhere else and start again without worthless organizations as a CID, HOA,POA, CSD, whatever,…..? 

Don’t think so chucko!  I choose to STAND MY GROUND AND FIGHT with whatever I can because this is not just about Lake Don Pedro and water service, this is my home, my State, and my Country and lowlife cheats like Pete Kampa backed by his powerful  CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DISTRICTS ASSOCIATION lobbying outfit need to be exposed for what they have, and are doing, to rural disadvantaged special districts like the LDPCSD.


Yup, they can kiss my ass 













To viewers…sorry, I’m pissed and tired, but always

My best to you and yours, Lew

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